Peplink Case Study: Toyota Racing

The Pepwave MAX speeds along smoothly with Toyota Racing

Pepwave’s Mobile MAX 700 recently hit the track with the Toyota Racing team.

To connect with racetrack employees, Toyota needed a solution that could withstand harsh environments while offering consistently fast and reliable performance.

Before Peplink, Toyota Racing relied on a satellite Internet connection, which was weather-dependent, sluggish and unreliable.

Toyota decided to give the Mobile MAX 700 a try.

Featuring SpeedFusion, the MAX solution now drives record-setting performance, dependability and durability for Toyota Racing.

  • Deployment:
    • Pepwave MAX 700 on the racetrack and a Peplink Balance 380 at the datacentre
    • Bonded multiple 3G/4G (country dependent) connections  for higher bandwidth and seamless failover using SpeedFusion
  • Winning factors:
    • SpeedFusion delivers more bandwidth and a secure VPN connection
    • Seamless failover ensures high reliability

Fast, dependable, and tough, the Pepwave Mobile MAX 700 is a complete mobile connectivity solution that keeps the Toyota Racing team productive — wherever the team races across the globe.

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