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“Nimble allows us to increase transparency and also greatly helps document & facilitate our internal communications”SL-CS

Daniel Pesis

Co-founder , SocialLink Media

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Amplification & the changing role of media

As more sources of news start to go direct by posting their thoughts to their blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages, a journalist’s role becomes more about deciding what to amplify and what to ignore. with megaphone; shouting into megaphone

5 Steps To Evaluate Your Company’s Digital Marketing Strategy – Forbes

The thing about digital marketing strategies is that every company has one, even if you’re not the one actively controlling it.

How Will Salesforce Adapt To The Next Platform Shift: Mobile Computing?

Editor’s note: Bruce Cleveland is a General Partner with InterWest Partners focused on software and services sector investments with an emphasis on cloud computing, mobile and analytical applications. Follow him on Twitter.

Most of us are familiar with the adage by George Santayana, who, in his biography said, ”Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” You may recognize it as, “Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it.” Either way, I agree.

80% of 3400 executives polled believe social media is key to building customer relationships yet few have any strategy

How social media is changing brand management

Nimble Hootsuite Integration


What is HootSuite
HootSuite is a social media management system for businesses and organizations to collaborate across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard.

Nimble-HootSuite Integration Overview

Integrating Nimble’s social relationship management capabilities with HootSuite’s social media management dashboard adds context to social contacts which increases a business team’s social selling and engagement opportunities.

Overview Video
The Nimble-HootSuite integration enables you to close the loop on Social Selling and Customer Engagement.


Closed Loop Social Selling Combining HootSuite’s extensive social monitoring abilities and Nimble’s customer engagement and social selling tools will enable business teams to pinpoint and connect with key prospects and existing customers with increased relevance.

View Nimble Contacts in HootSuite The HootSuite-Nimble integration adds context to your contacts by clearly displaying useful Nimble contact information, such as additional Social profiles, background info, location, phone number, email, and most importantly, date of last contact. This information is pulled directly from Nimble’s contact record and conveniently displayed in your HootSuite dashboard.

Add HootSuite Contacts to Nimble If a HootSuite contact is not found in Nimble, you can easily import their information by selecting Add Contact. Once a contact is added to Nimble, you and your team will be able to match additional social networks, view related connections, log conversations and other important sales data in Nimble.

View HootSuite Contact in Nimble Nimble automatically combines all your business contacts, emails, social communications, and calendar activities into one unified social contact manager. Now you can jump directly from the HootSuite dashboard to the Nimble contact record to manage deeper contact details, such as seeing a complete conversation history, scheduling follow up to-do’s, logging notes and forecasting sales.

Match Additional Social Networks to a HootSuite Contact Take a one dimensional Twitter identity, match additional social profiles and create a multi-dimensional contact record accessible for engagement by you and your team.

The Nimble Way to Grow Your Business

Easily connect all of your contacts, calendars, communications and social conversations. Listen to and engage any individual in order to attract and retain the right customers.





From external to internal – Social Business is the evolution of Social Media

Nimble Daily Drives Profitable Social Selling Opportunities

I met my husband in a Dale Carnegie Class.  We’d been in the class for weeks together without really speaking.  I only knew him from his quietly intense speeches and my sometimes envy, sometimes admiration for winning what I think is the most pens for having the best talk in the class.

We didn’t really get the opportunity to speak until session eight or so —  just over half way through the thirteen session series.  It was a short exchange “Oh, are you from Pittsburgh?…I’m from Pittsburgh!”  He said.  “Oh”  I said.  (That’s about 87 characters in case you were counting).

But the Tuesday before Thanksgiving we had a real conversation; one that started with 87 characters and has grown into the family we have today. I’m telling you this because there was a moment inside this very first exchange where I considered blowing him off and he never would have asked again.  At that point, our timeline would have ended and I would be leading a completely different life.


OK,  so I didn’t meet my husband on a social media exchange.  But that was twenty years ago and given the work I do and how I meet people, this same exchange could have happened on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media channel.   And if I wasn’t paying attention to the conversation – I would have missed a life-defining relationship.

Start. Stop. Start. Stop. Uuugh.

And this is what brings me to Nimble.  I think it was Jon Ferrara that contacted me and told me about Nimble when it first came out.   I was immediately engaged in the possibility of nurturing the thousands of relationships that were flowing past me in digital streams.  I knew that if I could master this, I would insert a powerful leveraging tool in the growth of my business and business relationships.

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What Does Influence Mean in Social Media Klout

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