Going green is harder than you think

Unfortunately, the hype around going ‘green’ has blurred the lines of the real issue at hand: excessive consumption of rapidly declining resources. The above-mentioned scenario may leave one feeling slightly dreary about where to start a ‘greening’ initiative – because despite all the confusion surrounding the issue, the need to adapt to more sustainable and viable consumption practices remains vital for any organisation.

When implemented correctly, IT’s propensity to contribute significantly to energy-savings is perhaps one of the most straightforward ways an organisation can decrease its environmental impact. Because IT equipment is generally updated every three or four years, it creates an ideal opportunity for the introduction of newer, more efficient technologies – and cost saving can be considerable, up to 50 percent in some cases.

The IT industry is by no means exempt from greenwashing tactics and companies can be blindsided by thinking they are purchasing a ‘green’ product when in fact the product adds to the impact on our environment at the end of its lifecycle.  Take notebooks with extended batteries and hard drives that require less energy.  As notebooks take over the sale of PCs and companies increasing adopt this mobile enabler whilst patting themselves on the back that they are contributing positively to the environment through the support of these product, the question of how these notebooks are disposed of should be raised and more pertinently, how do they impact the environment at this point?

But sometimes common sense should prevail. While manufacturers’ efforts to deliver ‘green’ products must be commended; organisations need to think holistically about ‘going green’ and should consider the entire lifecycle of the products or technologies they intend to use before making an investment. The corporate world’s role in reducing the carbon footprint is enormous, and thus it is essential that it does not fall prey to greenwashing tactics, but rather that organisations take it upon themselves to look deeper than ‘product labels’, and more thoroughly scrutinise the claims made.

Green Apple IT gets Greener

In continuing with our commitment to be “Greener than Green”, Green Apple IT has partnered up with Africa e-Waste to ensure that old computer components are been deposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. This is a turnkey solution being offered so being green has never been easier.

Contact us to get rid of your old IT Equipment.


Support Green Apple IT in their Shavathon Fundraising efforts

Far too many people have been affected by this dreaded disease.

We are hoping to raise awareness and also to support friends who have been or are affected by Cancer.

Official fundraising site: http://www.givengain.com/activist/72903/projects/2486/

If you are partaking in any “Cut” or “Spray” events this weekend (3rd & 4th March 2012) please send your pics to shavathon@greenappleit.co.za so that I can upload them.

Thank you!

Some pics thus far

Green Apple IT is committed to being a responsible and contributing corporate citizen of South Africa.

Green Apple IT is committed to being a responsible and contributing corporate citizen of South Africa.

Our strategy for community investment is therefore designed to enhance the relationships between local communities, ourselves & our clients in areas where we can jointly ALL make a difference in education.

We believe education & knowledge is KEY to the success of individuals and our association with the communities in which we all work, live & play.

Green Apple IT are the GAITWAY linking our business partnerships & relationships to local communities allowing us to extend a helping hand through the provision of relevant business services to communities that provide education solutions that inspire winners within individuals and as part of a community or business team within their local communities

Green Apple IT  CSR Vision

To engage people within local communities and inspire them to activate positive change in their lives and the communities in which they live and support on a daily basis.

Green Apple IT’s Investment Footprint
• Investments will mostly be made by Green Apple IT, our clients and the individuals associated to our businesses, friends and families.
• Investment in our goodwill programmes are not solely based on financial support but also the supply, delivery of IT and installation of computer hardware equipment

What we ask for and what we receive is maximised to benefit as many as possible however, without compromising the robustness of the IT projects we deliver.

Our Core Focus Areas
The key focus area of Green Apple IT for 2011 is local based community Education through the provision of IT hardware & software to promote and support a brighter future for all.

Within this:
• The primary focus is on: Education using IT, by means of Computer Labs
• The secondary focus is on: entrepreneurial aspiration and inspiration

Please get in touch should you wish to contribute to our people who make us such proud Rainbow Nation!

Contact details  –  CSR@greenappleit.co.za