Peplink SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding : Video

Learn the difference between Peplink SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding and typical Internet Link Load Balancing. Get a Peplink Balance for the best of both worlds!

Business WLAN

Peplink’s business WLAN solution combines an enterprise-grade wireless access point and centralized access point management in one easy-to-use and affordable package. Now you can manage wireless LAN networks of up to 500 Pepwave AP One devices using a single Peplink Balance. With Peplink’s WLAN solution, all your mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, get the same reliable Internet connection that you’ve come to expect from Peplink — without the wires!


Take Control of Your Wi-Fi Network

Built-in WLAN Controller
Simplify your network management by controlling your AP One access point using a centralized admin interface built into the Peplink Balance. Just connect the AP One to the network and it will be detected by the Balance automatically, allowing you manage and setup your access point without an extra AP controller device.
Serious Wi-Fi
Pepwave has designed the AP One to provide maximum coverage. Our specially designed Wi-Fi radio consistently provides high power, reaching an 8x greater area than a typical access point. And thanks to its rugged metal enclosure, the AP One will withstand demanding commercial and industrial environments.

Easy Wi-Fi Portal
Peplink’s WLAN solution features a built-in captive portal, which allows you to provide Wi-Fi hotspot service to your customers easily, without extra equipment. From showing a splash screen for free users to accept service terms to creating a user login for your paid customers, you can easily customize your Wi-Fi portal in just a few clicks.
Unified Network Management
By combining the Peplink Balance with our WLAN solution, you can manage all network connections, local client access, and user bandwidth policy using one single package. Administrators can monitor and generate reports on AP activity and bandwidth consumption, giving you complete and easy control over your network.


Enterprise Grade WLAN Controlling in One Box

Simple Setup and Management
With our WLAN solution, advanced networking is a simple plug and play affair. Pepwave AP One devices will work with the Peplink Balance without additional configuration, and setting up enterprise-grade WLAN or hotspot service takes only a few minutes.
One Box Solution
Unlike typical WLAN solutions which require purchasing a separate AP controller, Peplink’s WLAN solution is built on top of the Peplink Balance, allowing you to expand bandwidth, increase network reliability, and manage all your access points using a single device. With our WLAN solution, there’s no extra equipment to maintain or hardware to purchase.


Peplink – Supported 3G Modems


Modem Manufacturer


Known Compatible Carrier

300USB Victory 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
301USB Victory 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
301USB VKOM 3G 8ta (South Africa)
303USB VKOM 3G Vodacom (South Africa) | Cell C (South Africa)
E1820 Huawei 3G Cell (South Africa)
E353s Huawei 3G MTN (South Africa)
K3520-Z ZTE 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
K3772-Z ZTE 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
K3805-z ZTE 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
K4605 Huawei 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
MF668 ZTE 3G Cell (South Africa)

Mobile Bandwidth Bonding

As more and more business takes place outside the office, telecom providers have responded by boosting the speed and reliability of their 3G networks, in addition to rolling out innovations like 4G, LTE, and WiMax in an increasing number of markets. But no matter how quickly cellular data bandwidth and quality improve, mobile business always seems to demand more. From live video streaming and conferencing to ever-larger file transfers and real-time collaboration, today’s mobile applications strain even the latest and greatest cellular technology to its limits. The result is fluctuating data quality, unpredictable data rates, and widespread frustration, in addition to costly overage charges.

And then there’s security to consider. Though many businesspeople would like to expand mobile operations, they’re concerned about the cost of extra VPN equipment necessary to encrypt sensitive business data over cellular connections. Because of this and the inadequate speed and reliability of current cellular technology, businesses are reluctant to rely on cellular connections for demanding and mission-critical applications.

SpeedFusion Cellular Bandwidth Bonding
Turbocharges Mobile VPNs.

SpeedFusion, the technology at the heart of every Balance Multi-WAN and MAX Mobile router, bonds the bandwidth from multiple cellular connections. You get faster and more reliable mobile VPNs in every application. Plus, all your data is secured by military-grade encryption, and data volume is monitored and controlled to keep you under your usage cap and within budget.
Get the Speed You Need On the Road.

SpeedFusion cellular bandwidth bonding automatically aggregates all connected 3G/4G/LTE/WiMAX links to give you fast data transfers, smooth HD video, and blazing performance wherever you go. Need more speed? Just add cellular connections and let SpeedFusion take care of the details.

Enjoy Wired Reliability Without the Wires.
SpeedFusion bonds cellular connections from multiple providers, continuously monitoring link connectivity and automatically switching to healthy connections in the event of link failure. Your network stays up and running, and you stay open for business.
Lock Down Cellular Data Transfers.
SpeedFusion locks down wireless data transfers with military-grade security. All transmissions are encrypted using a 256-bit AES algorithm and then randomly scattered over multiple paths, becoming readable only at their destination. No matter how sensitive your data, you can rest easy knowing that SpeedFusion is always working in the background to keep it from prying eyes.

Keep Your Costs Under Control Automatically.
Our bandwidth usage monitor makes it easy to stay within budget by allowing you to prioritize connections by speed, cost, and data allowance. When you’re in danger of exceeding a data cap, SpeedFusion notifies an administrator, and can automatically disconnect the line at 100% data allowance usage or switch to another connection.
Do More on the Road with SpeedFusion.
The speed, reliability, and security delivered by SpeedFusion open up a wide range of new mobile VPN applications in demanding, mission-critical fields, such as newscasting and public safety. In addition, transferring large files, such as those generated by digital production, photography, and POS activities, becomes practical and profitable wherever your mobile workforce roams.
Learn More About SpeedFusion
To find out more about SpeedFusion and how it can revolutionize the way you work on the road, contact a Peplink representative today.

Peplink Case Study – Endicott College – A Smart Solution to Increasing Bandwidth Needs

A Smart Solution to Increasing Bandwidth Needs
Endicott College
Founded in 1939 in Beverly Massachusetts, Endicott College is one of the most scenic higher education institutions in America. Every day, Endicott’s 235-acre oceanfront campus buzzes with the activity of over 2500 students pursuing one its dozens of undergraduate and graduate degrees.
A Growing Student Body Strains an Aging Campus Network
Over   the last 25 years, Endicott College’s enrollment has grown quickly, as   has its faculty and administration. With this influx of students and   employees – and the increased demand for ultra-reliable network   connectivity and speed – came the need for a load balancing and   failover solution.
In   the past, Rob Klopotoski, Endicott’s Network Manager, tried offerings   from other vendors, but couldn’t find the right mix of dependability,   features, and ease-of-use. Some solutions required expensive and   time-consuming architecture changes, something Klopotoski wanted to   avoid. For Endicott, the best-case scenario was a solution that provided   rock-solid load balancing and failover, drop-in deployment, and LAN   bypass.
When   Klopotoski discovered Peplink and the Balance series of Multi-WAN   routers, he knew he’d found the solution he’d been looking for – plus   some benefits he hadn’t expected.
Beginning with Best-in-Class Load Balancing
Klopotoski began his network upgrade with the Balance 710.
“The   primary driver to purchase a load-balancer for our Internet lines was   the ability to get into our campus from offsite in the event of a   failover, and so that our most important servers would still be   accessible,” said Klopotoski. “Since the provider we had in the past had   intermittent issues with providing service, it was important to have a   backup plan.”
But   the Balance 710 quickly became more than a backup plan, assuming DNS   server, inbound and outbound NAT mapping, and outbound policy duties.

Boosting Speed and Capacity with the Balance 1350
Klopotoski   was so pleased with the 710’s one-box solution – and its performance   and stability – that when Endicott’s primary connection was boosted   from 150Mb to 500Mb about 18 months ago, he upgraded to the Balance   1350.
“My   experience with this device over the last year-and-a-half has been very   positive,” notes Klopotoski. “We have nearly 2500 students using the   Internet at night, and this box has easily handled the load.”
Keeping Students and Staff Connected at All Times
Now,   Endicott can accommodate more than 5000 simultaneous users with a   maximum throughput of 1500Mbps. To handle the occasional connection   failure and keep students and staff online at all times, Klopotoski   added two inexpensive 100Mb cable lines.
“Because   this system handles our website traffic, mail server, staff and student   portal, online course activities, and registration, we cannot afford   any downtime,” said Klopotoski. “In the event we’ve had a line go down,   the Peplink has made those failures nearly invisible to our users.”
Peplink Earns an A+ for Easy, Affordable, and Capable Campus Networking
In   the 18 months he’s been using the Balance 1350, Klopotoski has been   especially impressed with how easy it is to configure and manage.   “Anything I want to set up is simple, without resorting to the command   line. The simplicity is one of the strongest features,” he said. “It   just works. I’m extremely happy with it.”
And   then there’s cost, both initial and continuing. According to   Klopotoski, the Balance delivers on both fronts, featuring a very   reasonable price point, few support issues, and the ongoing savings of   being able to use low-cost links for backup and failover.
Today,   Klopotoski couldn’t be happier he chose the Balance to serve as the   cornerstone for Endicott College’s campus network. According to this   network manager, the Balance more than earns its high grades at   Endicott: “I’ve gotten pretty much everything I’ve needed out of it,”   Klopotoski said. “I really can’t think of anything else I’d want it to   do.”

Peplink SpeedFusion Use Cases – Remote CCTV

HD Video. On Location and on Budget.

Stream live HD video from practically anywhere with up to four bonded 3G/4G/LTE connections. Eliminate data cap overages with built-in bandwidth monitoring that switches connections before you exceed your allowance.

Check out more on our SpeedFusion Page

Deploy Peplink Balance for All Your VPN Needs

Peplink’s VPN is a complete, seamless system that tightly integrates your offices and users together, secure and available at all times. Peplink routers come with features like SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding VPN, a built-in PPTP VPN Server, and IPsec VPN feature, lets you connect to multiple locations and enable remote access, without additional devices.

With a Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Router you can enjoy a complete VPN solution that provides you the best VPN experience ever.

VPN that meets all your needs.

Reliable Bandwidth Bonding Site-to-Site VPN for Multiple Locations
Peplink’s innovative SpeedFusion technology creates a bonded VPN tunnel over multiple connections. When one Internet connection fails, the VPN failover feature will dynamically route traffic to active connections to maintain uninterrupted VPN service. Session failover takes place seamlessly within just a second.Learn More »
Bond Your Bandwidth to Enhance
VPN Performance

With the SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding feature, sending a gigabyte file to your neighbor site is no longer a hassle. Peplink SpeedFusion technology aggregates bandwidth from all connections and transfers data using one bonded pipe. Communication between your remote sites has never been faster.

PPTP VPN Server for Windows and Mac
Even when you are away from the office, you can now connect to the corporate network simply by using the PPTP client found in Windows and Mac OS X. Whether you have forgotten a file at the office or want to upload the latest document update, accessing the office network only takes a few clicks.
256-bit AES VPN Traffic Encryption
Using Peplink SpeedFusion, all of your data going through the VPN tunnel is encrypted with 256-bit AES. Multiple branches can be easily connected with military-grade protection.
IPsec VPN for Legacy Site-to-Site VPN Network
Peplink also support IPsec connection with Cisco or Juniper devices. You can upgrade your VPN network at your own schedule. Turbocharge new sites with SpeedFusion while connect to legacy site with IPsec with the same device.
Better VPN with less effort.
Save Money with a Single-Device
Complete Solution
Separate devices are not needed for extra VPN capacity. Peplink Balance comes with everything you need – SpeedFusion or IPsec to easily connect multiple sites and the PPTP-VPN Server to enable remote access. Save money and enjoy all the advantages of a complete VPN with Peplink.
Easy to Use VPN Technology
Peplink Balance is designed for you and is extremely easy to set up. You don’t need to be a professional to configure the Peplink VPN settings. Just enter a few parameters and a VPN tunnel will be established.


Peplink SpeedFusion Use Cases – Retail

Failover to 3G. Uptime. All the Time.

Stay up and running round-the-clock with automatic failover to 3G. Aggregate bandwidth and failover between multiple WAN links with SpeedFusion. Use a DSL line as your primary link and failover seamlessly in the event of an outage. Or connect an entire installation on bonded 3G alone.

Check out more on our SpeedFusion Page

Site-to-Site VPN Bonding

Introducing SpeedFusion Bonding Technology.

Peplink’s patent-pending SpeedFusion technology powers enterprise VPNs that tap into the bandwidth of up to 13 low-cost cable, DSL, 3G/4G/LTE, and other links connected anywhere on your corporate or institutional WAN. Whether you’re transferring a few documents or driving realtime POS data, video feeds, and VoIP conversations, SpeedFusion pumps all your data down a single fat datapipe that’s budget-friendly, ultra-fast, and easily configurable to suit any networking environment.


How does SpeedFusion Work?

100% Packet Level WAN Bonding.

1. IP camera generates network traffic

2. SpeedFusion load balancing engine identifies traffic to send via SpeedFusion VPN

3. Packets are split across available WAN links, secured with 256-bit AES encryption, and sent through SpeedFusion VPN tunnel

4. Receiving location (datacenter, head office, etc.) decrypts and reassembles packets back into the original order

5. Digital video recorder captures video stream to disk


SpeedFusion Use Cases.


High Availability and Maximum Reliability.
Connect up to 13 WAN links of any type. Mix T1, DSL, and fiber connections to get the most bandwidth for your money. Use a clustered pair of Balance routers for HA. Guarantee availability of customer-facing services with inbound load balancing.
Mobile Link Bonding and Failover. Fast, Flawless Connectivity Anywhere.
Bond multiple slow WAN links to aggregate bandwidth at sites with poor connectivity options. Failover to 3G when other links go down. Use quality of service to control bandwidth usage and centrally manage wireless access points with built-in wireless LAN management.

Work at Home. Just Like You’re at the Office.
Bond WAN links and failover between multiple DSL/cable links to improve bandwidth availability and increase productivity. Use CPE devices like the Surf On-The-Go with built-in SpeedFusion support for enterprise-grade connectivity at home and on the road.
Bonded Internet Bandwidth. Built to Go Where You Go.
Deploy ruggedized, harsh environment-certified MAX routers in any vehicle. Power the MAX directly from a 10V – 30V power supply. Bond up to four 3G/4G/LTE connections, two additional WAN links (satellite, etc.), and provide local Wi-Fi access, all with one mobile connectivity powerhouse.

SpeedFusion. Solve Real World Connectivity Challenges.

Failover to 3G. Uptime. All the Time.
Stay up and running round-the-clock with automatic failover to 3G. Aggregate bandwidth and failover between multiple WAN links with SpeedFusion. Use a DSL line as your primary link and failover seamlessly in the event of an outage. Or connect an entire installation on bonded 3G alone.
HD Video. On Location and on Budget.
Stream live HD video from practically anywhere with up to four bonded 3G/4G/LTE connections. Eliminate data cap overages with built-in bandwidth monitoring that switches connections before you exceed your allowance.

The Power to Do More While Paying Less.

Aggregate bandwidth and boost reliability in all your remote deployments. Tap new markets and explore new possibilities, wherever you find them. Do more wherever you do business while paying less with SpeedFusion.



Peplink SpeedFusion Use Cases – Mobile Internet

Bonded Internet Bandwidth.  Built to Go Where You Go.

Deploy ruggedized, harsh environment-certified MAX routers in any vehicle. Power the MAX directly from a 10V – 30V power supply. Bond up to four 3G/4G/LTE connections, two additional WAN links (satellite, etc.), and provide local Wi-Fi access, all with one mobile connectivity powerhouse.

Check out more on our SpeedFusion Page