Case Study: St. John’s Ambulance provides better care with Balance/MAX


St. John’s Ambulance Provides Better Care with Balance/MAX


Whether St. John’s Ambulance Service in Australia is en route, on scene, or back at headquarters, 100% uptime and seamless failover is critical to delivering superior patient care.

So too is the ability to quickly transfer medical records and communicate via video conference without lag and drop-outs.


To meet its mission, St. John’s uses the Pepwave MAX 700 Mobile Router and multiple cellular links for high internet speed, unmatched durability and 100% uptime, with significant savings.


  • Deployment: MAX 700 installed on all emergency response vehicles with a Peplink Balance 710 at headquarters to enable SpeedFusionTM
  • Winning factors:
    • Bonds multiple cellular links for smooth and reliable communication
    • Transfers large medical records quickly and easily
    • Video conference calls are of high-quality and lag-free


Accomplish your Mission with Peplink/Pepwave
Whatever the mission, the MAX 700 delivers the speed, reliability, and durability your customers need to make it happen.

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Pepwave MAX Mobile Router

           The Pepwave MAX mobile router gives you the ultimate in mobile connectivity. With the ability to combine a variety of wireless services, the MAX gives you maximum reliability through automatic link failover and scalability with multi-WAN load balancing and SpeedFusion™ bandwidth bonding. The Pepwave MAX brings wireline reliability to environments where no other solution can.

SpeedFusionTM Bonding Technology Packet Level Bandwidth Bonding

SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding automatically distributes traffic across wireless links, increasing connection stability and making maximum use of all available bandwidth. And you can scale your bandwidth as you go simply by adding extra 4G LTE, 3G, or other wireless connections at any time. The MAX automatically switches to lower priority connections when primary connections fail due to signal or coverage issues. Your connection stays fast, and you stay seamlessly connected and productive.

Seamless Failover Don’t Let Stalled Connections Slow You Down.

The MAX automatically switches to lower priority connections when primary connections fail due to signal or coverage issues. And thanks to persistent session roaming powered by SpeedFusion technology, failover between fixed and mobile links is completely seamless. With other technologies, failover terminates existing connections, creating costly downtime. With SpeedFusion persistent session roaming, you won’t miss a beat when your MAX switches between connections.

Certified Industrial Durability Go Where Your Work Takes You. Without Worrying about Your Networking Equipment.

Built to withstand temperatures from -40 to 65°C and featuring ESD/surge protection for all ports, the Pepwave MAX is designed for worry-free performance everywhere you roam. Add industrial-grade shock/vibration resistance (EN 61373:1999 IEC 61373:1999), a terminal block for reliable power sourcing, and a rugged 10V-32V DC power supply, and you’ve got a mobile router that can take anything the road can dish out.

Embedded 4G LTE or World-Mode 3G Modems GSM HSPA and CDMA EVDO. Standard.

Leave your external GSM and CDMA modems behind. The Pepwave MAX BR1 and HD2 features integrated 4G LTE or world-mode 3G modems for instant connectivity anywhere you go. Need more flexibility? The MAX 700 features USB interface supporting 100+ USB modems from carriers worldwide. And because the MAX is easy to configure and shock/vibration resistant, you can give your mechanic a break.

Military-Grade VPN Encryption  256-bit AES Encrypted VPN Bonding. High Security for the Open Road.

The MAX is ideal for public safety and sensitive private communications. Our revolutionary SpeedFusion technology allows you to use all available Internet links to load balance and failover your traffic through 256-bit AES encrypted VPN tunnels. Since our SpeedFusion technology is designed from the ground up for multiple Internet connections, you can be assured of a secure connection wherever you are.

Dual-Radio Wi-Fi Functionality Wi-Fi Connectivity Is a Two-Way Street.

Featuring built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi, the Pepwave MAX let you connect to a Wi-Fi source as WAN, cutting costs and increasing bandwidth. Need to share access with your other Wi-Fi devices? The MAX also features a built-in Wi-Fi access point bringing wireline reliability to all your devices that no other solution can.

Up to 7 Internet Connections 7 High-Speed Lanes. 0 Traffic Jams.

The Pepwave MAX combines as many as seven 4G LTE / 3G, VSAT, WiMAX, Wi-Fi WAN, and other mobile connections to deliver consistently high speeds and 100%      uptime. Bond up to four USB modems and add broadband landline connections for blazing data transfer anywhere, anytime.

Cap- and Cost-Aware Routing Keep Your Eyes on the Road. Not Your Odometer.

The Pepwave Max’s bandwidth usage monitor allows you to prioritize connections by cost and data allowance. The MAX automatically monitors data volume and switches connections to minimize your cost while maximizing your speed, so you can stop worrying about expensive data overages and just drive.

Centralized Management  Manage Your Entire Fleet from a Single Dashboard.

Track your fleet, keep an eye on mobile resources, and update firmware and profiles from one interface, anywhere and anytime. The Pepwave MAX even features auto-provisioning to keep things running smoothly when you’ve got better things to do than manage your mobile network.

GPS Location Service Track Your Fleet from Across Town. Or Around the World.

The Pepwave Max’s built-in GPS location service lets you keep tabs on fleet vehicles wherever they may be. Easy to interface with external GPS systems, MAX GPS fleet tracking maximizes resources and team coordination while improving safety and productivity.

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Business WLAN

Peplink’s business WLAN solution combines an enterprise-grade wireless access point and centralized access point management in one easy-to-use and affordable package. Now you can manage wireless LAN networks of up to 500 Pepwave AP One devices using a single Peplink Balance. With Peplink’s WLAN solution, all your mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, get the same reliable Internet connection that you’ve come to expect from Peplink — without the wires!


Take Control of Your Wi-Fi Network

Built-in WLAN Controller
Simplify your network management by controlling your AP One access point using a centralized admin interface built into the Peplink Balance. Just connect the AP One to the network and it will be detected by the Balance automatically, allowing you manage and setup your access point without an extra AP controller device.
Serious Wi-Fi
Pepwave has designed the AP One to provide maximum coverage. Our specially designed Wi-Fi radio consistently provides high power, reaching an 8x greater area than a typical access point. And thanks to its rugged metal enclosure, the AP One will withstand demanding commercial and industrial environments.

Easy Wi-Fi Portal
Peplink’s WLAN solution features a built-in captive portal, which allows you to provide Wi-Fi hotspot service to your customers easily, without extra equipment. From showing a splash screen for free users to accept service terms to creating a user login for your paid customers, you can easily customize your Wi-Fi portal in just a few clicks.
Unified Network Management
By combining the Peplink Balance with our WLAN solution, you can manage all network connections, local client access, and user bandwidth policy using one single package. Administrators can monitor and generate reports on AP activity and bandwidth consumption, giving you complete and easy control over your network.


Enterprise Grade WLAN Controlling in One Box

Simple Setup and Management
With our WLAN solution, advanced networking is a simple plug and play affair. Pepwave AP One devices will work with the Peplink Balance without additional configuration, and setting up enterprise-grade WLAN or hotspot service takes only a few minutes.
One Box Solution
Unlike typical WLAN solutions which require purchasing a separate AP controller, Peplink’s WLAN solution is built on top of the Peplink Balance, allowing you to expand bandwidth, increase network reliability, and manage all your access points using a single device. With our WLAN solution, there’s no extra equipment to maintain or hardware to purchase.


Peplink – Supported 3G Modems


Modem Manufacturer


Known Compatible Carrier

300USB Victory 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
301USB Victory 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
301USB VKOM 3G 8ta (South Africa)
303USB VKOM 3G Vodacom (South Africa) | Cell C (South Africa)
E1820 Huawei 3G Cell (South Africa)
E353s Huawei 3G MTN (South Africa)
K3520-Z ZTE 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
K3772-Z ZTE 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
K3805-z ZTE 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
K4605 Huawei 3G Vodacom (South Africa)
MF668 ZTE 3G Cell (South Africa)