Peplink Knowledge Base – How Many Cellular Modems Can I Connect to the Peplink Balance?


Each model in the Peplink Balance series supports a single 4G, 3G, WiMAX, or LTE USB modem. To connect a supported cellular modem:

Peplink Balance 20/30/210/310:

Plug your supported USB modem into the provided USB port.

Peplink Balance 380/580/710/1350:

Though these models feature two USB ports, only one USB modem can be connected. Plug your supported USB modem into either one of the Balance’s USB ports.

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TechRepublic: Pepwave MAX named as one of the most interesting tech products in CommunicAsia 2012

Pepwave MAX mobile router

Designed for the ultimate in mobile connectivity, the Pepwave family of MAX mobile routers allow for as many as seven different WAN sources to be harnessed together as one Internet connection. Internet sources may come from embedded LTE or 3G modems, as well as the use of multiple mobile dongles plugged into its USB ports. And depending on the specific model, tapping on 802.11n wireless from a local Wi-Fi hotspot is also supported.

When deployed with multiple 3G or 4G channels, the MAX mobile router can bond them together for greater bandwidth. Pepwave touts the MAX mobile router as ideal for the field broadcast of high-bandwidth mobile video transmission or for providing Internet access on transports such as trains and buses. Other usage includes serving as an MPLS replacement for use with real-time POS systems and deploying in mission-critical M2M environments.

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Peplink Case Study – Destination Hotels & Resorts

Destination Hotels & Resorts

Destination Hotels & Resorts is consistently ranked as one of the top ten hospitality management companies in the country. Their portfolio includes more than 30 distinctive properties scattered throughout the country’s most desirable and attractive vacation destinations.

Quality Internet Access is Required

“It’s common to find guests bringing their laptops on their trips and most will want to take full advantage of all that the Internet has to offer, including streaming video, video chat, and VoIP phone calls. We need to provide a positive experience for guests,” said Josh Brace, Director of IT at Sunriver Resorts. “If the Internet doesn’t satisfy them, many will tell their friends, families, and colleagues to avoid our facilities and we lose business.”   The challenge for Destination Hotels & Resorts is that many of their properties operate in secluded areas where Internet service is not as readily available as it is in major market cities, making it difficult to provide the bandwidth demanded by hotel guests. At best, they can expect to find T-1 service for $450/mo and higher bandwidth options are rarely available where these properties are located.


Easy to Use Internet Load Balancing Solution

Ted Ely, Corporate IT Director, uses the Peplink Balance to combine multiple Internet services and provide the bandwidth each property needs to satisfy guest demands. “Peplink meets with all our requirements: aggregation, VPN, ease of setup, and range of models to suit any of our properties circumstances,” said Ely. Previously, the company tested offerings from other vendors. They were disappointed with the complicated user interfaces and the need to pay more to get the throughput a specific hotel may need. They found the overall package that Peplink Balance series offered is the best. “Peplink really understands what features are ‘real world’ useful and they clearly have the best combination of features, ease of use, cost of ownership, and range of products,” said Ely. “It’s our goal to have a Balance router installed at all of our properties over time.”


Reliable Solution for Any Bandwidth Needs

With some hotels having as many as 800 rooms, Ely can pick from a range of models. He recently purchased the Peplink Balance 1350 for a San Diego conference center because of the router’s ability to handle as many as thirteen Internet services. “The Peplink Balance even makes it easy for us to split off a certain amount of connectivity, making us a more attractive host to special events,” said Michelle Koch, IT Manager at Skamania Lodge.

When it comes time to equip one of their hotels with a Peplink Balance, Josh Brace and Ted Ely are happy that the ease of setup allows them to do everything with in-house IT staff, and never requires hiring an outside integrator. The Peplink Balance series is “rock solid and works right out of the box,” added Ely. “If there was a high cost of ownership, it would not be our solution, even if it was the greatest product in the world.”

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Peplink – Industrial Telemetry (Reliable Internet | Automatic Failover)


Professional Router for Digital Telemetry.

Industrial factories, infrastructures, and pipelines are now equipped with digital controllers that have built-in networking capacity. Collecting data and performing maintenance from these sites can be done remotely with Internet or other private networks.






Reliability in Every Way.

With years of success and creditability, Peplink Balance provides highly reliable operations at every second. Our multi-WAN capacity allows you to deploy redundant connections to ensure network continuity. Applications such as sensor data logging, remote diagnostics, and controller automation, can be done with absolute confidence.


Highly Flexible Routing.

Peplink gives you granular control and flexibility in routing network traffic. Using Peplink’s Traffic Manager you can easily specify a WAN link for transmitting data to the RTU while dedicating another WAN link for PLC processes, all within an easy to use drag and drop interface. Optimizing overall network flow will become headache-free.


4G/3G Support for Remote Deployment.

Peplink Balance supports 4G/3G wireless Internet access for remote deployment – even where Internet service is not available. With Peplink deployed you can conveniently gain access to equipment through technologies such as AMR or SCADA, giving you control over different aspects of each unit without having to be present at each site.


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Peplink – Transport Industry (Mobile Bandwidth Bonding | Seamless Fleet Management)

Peplink Transportation Networking. Welcome to the Fast Lane.

Peplink transportation networking technologies deliver reliable, fast, and flexible mobile networking that keeps your business running in high gear, wherever opportunity takes you. ERP, file transfer, fleet tracking and surveillance, and content in HD quality — with Peplink, all your digital traffic gets where it’s going quickly, without detours, delays, or downtime.

Here are a few of the ways that Peplink transportation networking can put your business in the fast lane:

Swift and Reliable Networking for the Entire Fleet.

 Staying in touch with your fleet and keeping up-to-date on changes, challenges, and opportunities is key to working well on the go. From resource planning across the enterprise to real-time vehicle tracking with pinpoint precision, Peplink makes it easy and affordable to manage high-level strategies, minute-to-minute details, and all points between.

 For many in the transportation industry, mobile networking is an exercise in compromise and frustration. Flexible, scalable networks with the options and speed you need to stay ahead of your competition quickly become too complex, expensive, and failure-prone to be practical. But with Peplink, there’s no need to sacrifice functionality for reliability and cost-effectiveness or compromise on a solution that has as many drawbacks as advantages.

•All Peplink networking products are designed to work seamlessly together, with plug-and-play scalability that allows even non-specialists to build out and grow transportation networks easily and quickly.

•To keep expenses down while providing enterprise-grade speed and reliability, Peplink networking gear can be set to automatically combine and switch to the lowest cost links available at any given time, including commodity cable/DSL, 3G/4G, satellite, and more.

•Pepwave MAX are engineered from the ground up for the needs of mobile industries, featuring space-saving designs, rugged enclosures, and mounting hardware that allows them to be placed almost anywhere.

HD Video Delivery and On-The-Go Monitoring.

 Whether you’re looking for something extra to differentiate your transportation service, new ways to promote your business, or greater security and peace-of-mind for passengers and employees, Peplink mobile networking products are ideal travel companions.

Keep your customers coming back with HD entertainment and news on the go. Build your brand and expose patrons to new services and partner offers with targeted mobile advertising. And make sure the ride is safe and comfortable for everyone with real-time audio/video monitoring. Peplink gives your customers more than a way from Point A to Point B: with our mobile networking equipment, your customers get a travel experience that leaves them wanting more and keeps them talking about your service long after the trip is completed.

•Peplink Bandwidth Bonding technology teams up multiple, affordable Internet links to push crystal-clear, stutter-free HD video to your customers. You get bandwidth to spare, 100% uptime, and the flexibility to choose the links that best suit your needs and budget. And all your customers feel like they’re riding first class.

•As Web-connected mobile devices multiply, customers are drawn to transportation services that allow them to use their devices on the move without eating into their data plans. The MAX, AP One, Balance, and other Peplink networking products provide fast Internet access that stays fast for everyone onboard, thanks to Bandwidth Bonding, easy-to-manage bandwidth usage restrictions, and built-in failover, which switches poor links for healthy connections automatically.

•No transportation service gets very far without a reputation for both safe transport and dependable protection for passenger well being and possessions. Security and vehicle tracking systems powered by Peplink bring peace-of-mind to passengers and employees with rock-solid reliability, road-tested hardware, and secure, private feeds through your own VPN.

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Steer your transportation networking into the fast lane with Peplink mobile communications technology.

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Peplink – Creative Industry (Always-on Internet | Faster File Transfer)

Peplink networking innovations get you from the first blush of an idea to finished product faster and more reliably than ever, without complicated and costly setup and administration. Whether your workflow involves print, Web design, video production, or digital photography, Peplink delivers high speed, low frustration networking, so you can spend more time creating, communicating with clients, and building your business.

A Trickle of Inspiration? How About a Flood?

Creativity doesn’t live in a vacuum. Keep the ideas coming with HD video, live video conferencing, and real-time collaboration made possible by a network that’s always fast, always on, and always ready to inspire.

Build and Share Your Ideas. With a Network Built for 100% Uptime.

Ideas are fragile things. Research blogs and websites, sift through image libraries, and gather all the support materials you need to build on your initial inspiration, all with a network that’s rock-solid reliable. Host servers for your client with confidence with built-in DNS feature.

Huge Files? No Problem.

Big ideas generate big files, which can mean big problems when it’s time to share video reels, 3D renderings, mammoth PSD files, and other work. But with Peplink networking, large file transfers are seamless and quick, so you can create and share with colleagues, clients, printers, and distributors, without compression or compromise.

Creativity is Everywhere. Go Where Your Muse Takes You.

Get the story, capture the sights and sounds, or just chase down your muse with Peplink. Our MAX mobile bandwidth bonding router and other on-the-go networking products give you the freedom to push your creativity to the limit, wherever you go.

Create. Without Creating More Work for Yourself.

Coming up with the next big thing. Meeting with clients. Handling the myriad details involved in running your business. With challenges like those, you don’t need networking hassles. Peplink’s plug-and-play setup and easy-to-use tools let you focus on creation, not administration.

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Creative work is hard work. But whatever your medium, Peplink routers and access points make it easier and faster to move from inspiration to creative solution.

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Peplink – Financial Industry (100% Internet Uptime | High Performance)

Peplink networking products combine best-in-class performance and 24/7/365 reliability to give you the edge you need in today’s challenging financial markets. From lightning fast market updates and trades to secure data transfers and teleconferencing, high finance moves at high speed and with unmatched dependability when it’s powered by Peplink routers.

Wide-Band Data Delivery.

Better Informed Trades. Peplink’s Multi-WAN SpeedFusion technology combines the speed of up to 13 cable/DSL/cellular/satellite links to give you lag-free market data feeds, multiple streaming video broadcasts, live video conferencing, and blazing trades and confirmations – all at the same time.

Time Is Money.

Make Every Second Count with Peplink.  A single second can mean the difference between success and failure in the financial markets. Peplink helps you capitalize on even the fastest breaking market developments with up to 1500 Mbps throughput and multiple load-balancing algorithms.


The Sun Never Sets on the Market.

Get Networking that Never Goes Down.  Somewhere in the world, the market is always open. No matter where or when you trade, our automatic link health checks, multi-link redundancy, intelligent failover, and stringent build quality guidelines deliver 100% uptime, so you’ll never miss a beat.

Your Office Has No Walls. Now, Your Networking Has No Limits.

When financial operations span continents and traders, fund managers, and others are increasingly mobile, you need networking that keeps you connected wherever you are. With technologies like 256-bit AES encrypted VPNs, RADIUS authentication, GPS tracking, and the MAX Mobile Router, you’re always in touch with the market and your colleagues, using your desktop or almost any mobile device.

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Stay ahead of market changes and seize every opportunity with fast and reliable Peplink routers, access points, and other networking products.

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Peplink – Educational Solutions (Interactive Online Classroom | e-Learning)

Video teleconferencing, virtual field trips, social networking, and other modern teaching methods require more bandwidth than most schools have available. Communication between school officials, teachers, students, and parents demands reliable Internet service. With budgets being slashed at all levels, every school has to find ways to get the most out of every dollar spent on Internet access. By allowing school to take advantage of multiple low-cost Internet services, the Peplink Balance can be the centerpiece needed to satisfy the demand for reliable high-speed Internet access now, and in the future.

More Bandwidth.

Peplink Balance is a high-performance multi-WAN router that works with your school’s existing Internet service and allows you to reliably add multiple low-cost DSL and cable-modem services to increase overall bandwidth. As many as thirteen Internet services can easily be combined to provide up to 1.5GB/s throughput — more bandwidth than most schools will ever need. Our “Drop-In” feature will not require your IT department to change your existing network setup, simplifying the installation process.

Save Money without Losing Reliability.

Are you paying too much for reliable Internet service? Does your school depend on just one Internet service provider? Save money and get 100% Internet uptime by cutting your expensive service and using multiple lower-cost DSL or cable Internet service providers. The Peplink Balance will constantly perform “health checks” for each service. If a service failure is detected, it will automatically re-route traffic to a healthy link. This transparent failover functionality of the Peplink Balance eliminates service interruptions and provides reliable Internet access for the entire school.

Prioritized Internet Traffic.

The Peplink Balance’s Outbound Traffic Management lets you easily prioritize Internet traffic across all active services. The traffic that requires the absolute best quality connection — like video streaming, Voice over IP (VoIP), and virtual private networks (VPN) — can be channeled through your best Internet service while email and non-critical web browsing traffic can be pushed across less-expensive cable and DSL connections. Traffic Management can also ensure that your school’s teachers and administrators are never without quality Internet service, guaranteeing reliable communications with parents and students.


Customer Spotlight

Many respected educational institutions have already experienced the benefits of the Peplink Balance. Add one to your school’s network and meet the growing demand for reliable broadband Internet access.

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Peplink – Retail Industry

Better Networking. Better Retailing.

Peplink routers and access points offer retail businesses of any size the wired and wireless connectivity, reliability, and scalability they need to keep up with customers and competitors. From complete solutions for backend operations to sales floor POS systems, Peplink networking products improve communication over the entire retail cycle. Here are just a few of the ways Peplink can help to make your retail business more responsive, cost-effective, and profitable.

Real-time POS Systems.

Tracking real-time point-of-sale data can be a chore, particularly for multiple retail locations. But in today’s retail climate, it’s necessary to making every sale you can and reducing the cost of carrying inventory.

Many retail operations rely on radio-based networks to track sales and inventory, though this can be costly, complex, and subject to frequent outages. Retail POS systems powered by Peplink, however, benefit from low equipment costs, easy administration, and best-in-class reliability, among other advantages:

  • Peplink allows businesses to bond multiple commodity links, such as DSL and cable connections, for higher throughput and reliability at less expense.
  • 4G/3G, satellite, and other backup links can serve as automatic failover connections, keeping POS systems up and running, all day, every day.
  • Bandwidth can be scaled on demand, further reducing Internet service costs.


Video Surveillance.

Peplink makes it simple and affordable to keep an eye on business operations and retail sales activities, no matter how many locations you monitor. With Peplink, there’s no need to disrupt your business with a lot of expensive construction and wiring or expose sensitive video feeds to potential attackers outside of your private network.

Video surveillance with Peplink networking can be as simple as pairing a number of wireless IP security cameras with a Balance or MAX router and an AP One access point, if necessary. In a fraction of the time required to install and configure a legacy system — and at a fraction of the cost — you’ve got a scalable audio/video surveillance solution that’s securely accessible from any location around the world.



SpeedFusion Site-to-Site VPN Bonding.

From corporate email and file transfer to video teleconferencing and equipment sharing, business networking is more reliable, economical, and capable with Peplink. Our SpeedFusion Site-to-Site VPN Bonding technology, featured in products such as the Balance, Max, and AP One, powers the day-to-day backend operations of thousands of retailers worldwide, delivering benefits like these: • Peplink networking equipment is easy for non-specialists to set up and administer, reducing upfront and ongoing personnel costs. •Peplink SpeedFusion detects failures automatically, switching to alternate connections on the fly and keeping your business running. •Mobile users get access to enterprise-grade networking and seamless connections to corporate VPNs via Wi-Fi, satellite, and 4G/3G networks, in addition to Ethernet.

Learn More About Peplink Networking Solutions for Retail.

Whether your business is housed in a single location or multiple sites that span continents, Peplink routers and access points make for better retailing through better networking. To learn more, please contact a friendly and knowledgeable Green Apple IT representative today.




Peplink – Business Continuity

Business owners are finding that popular cloud computing apps like those available from,, and Google Docs are increasing sales and improving efficiency. In addition, Internet applications like Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, Voice over IP (VoIP), remote collaboration services like GoToMeeting and WebEx, and remote support applications like LogMeIn and GoToMyPc have all gained popularity.


Businesses Need To Review Their Internet Contingency Plan.

With increased dependency on Internet applications comes the need to ensure business continuity during ISP outages. Most businesses still depend on a single service provider for Internet access in their home and branch offices. With increasing dependency on Internet access, any service interruption can bring catastrophic results.




Peplink Balance Multi-WAN router lets you connect new low-cost Internet links to your existing network transparently. Outgoing and incoming traffic are load balanced optimally by our intelligent algorithms 

100% Internet Uptime.

Peplink Balance multi-wan routers can provide your business with 100% Internet uptime! Business owners can now add commodity Internet services like Cable and DSL and end up with cost-effective Internet service redundancy. The high-performance Peplink Balance routers let you combine as many as thirteen different Internet services that will detect when any service has gone offline and automatically switch to available services. The highly reliable Peplink Balance will ensure that your business always has Internet access.

You Can Never Have Too Much Bandwidth.

Businesses that migrate to cloud computing and other Internet apps soon find themselves needing more and more bandwidth. Peplink Balance can satisfy your bandwidth-hungry network by load balancing across multiple Internet services. Our patent-pending VPN Bonding feature will even allow high speed uploads and downloads by aggregating the available bandwidth into one larger connection. With aggregated bandwidth, remote office staff can instantly access information on centralized servers.

Don’t Fall Off The Cloud.

Peplink Balance routers are the best way to guarantee your company always has the Internet access it needs to take advantage of cloud computing. Order a Peplink Balance router to ensure continuous access to the Internet applications your business depends on!


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