Peplink – MPLS/Leased Line Alternative

Quality Network Comes at a High Cost.

Leased line Internet services, private network such as IPVPN, MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) network technology, are popular options for building corporate network. These services provide business owners with stable bandwidth, 99.5% reliability, and quick recovery times.

The only real challenge is the cost: with leased line Internet service costing over $300 per megabit of bandwidth per month and MPLS service costing over $1000 mb/month, leased line service is 15 to 100 times the price of business class DSL or cable modem Internet service!

Save Money Now.

The Peplink Balance Multi-WAN routers can provide significant monthly savings by allowing business owners to replace leased line service with multiple business-class DSL or cable Internet services. Replacing leased line Internet service can cut bandwidth costs in half, and replacing expensive MPLS service with our SpeedFusion Site-to-Site VPN Bonding would save tens of thousands of dollars per year.


Changing from MPLS to SpeedFusion  VPN Bonding can improve coporate network’s bandwidth and reliability at a fraction of the original cost.

Corporate Networking for Less Money.

In addition to tremendous savings, business owners will enjoy more total bandwidth and simple bandwidth scalability – just add up to 13 commodity Internet services as your demand increases. Patent-pending Site-to-Site VPN Bonding provides fast and secure service between offices, and our automatic failover provides 100% network uptime for maximum reliability.


Lower costs. 100% Uptime. More Bandwidth.

The Peplink Balance allows for substantial savings on recurring network costs while providing more bandwidth and 100% uptime.

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Peplink – Wireless Hotspot Service

Better brand visibility. Introducing a little corner of the Web to call your own.

Easily give your customers high-speed, high-quality Wi-Fi access and promote your brand with Peplink’s new captive portal/Wi-Fi hotspot feature, available now as a low-cost upgrade on the Peplink Balance 380 Multi-WAN router and above.

Peplink’s captive portal feature allows you to provide customers and employees a company-branded, commercial-grade Wi-Fi hotspot — simply, without the administrative hassles, weak signals, poor security, and other problems that come along with consumer-level wireless equipment.

Make a splash with customers. Without getting in over your head.

Peplink Wi-Fi hotspots with captive portals are reliable, fast, and simple to manage. They’re easy to customize with your own splash screen and terms and conditions page. And all you need to get started is a Peplink Balance 380 or above with WLAN control enabled and at least one Pepwave AP One Wi-Fi access point.*

With Peplink’s new wireless hotspot solution, you don’t need expensive technical assistance to set up your system. Just plug in your devices, specify a few simple settings, and you’re ready to go. Your customers and employees get a great-looking, high-speed portal to the Web, and your brand stays front and center.

Peplink WLAN Controller has built-in Captive Portal and User Login Database, allowing you to control Wi-Fi service access


Plug and play. Not plug and pray.

Peplink Wi-Fi hotspots with customized captive portals are as easy to manage as they are to set up. Monitor device performance and guest usage from a single screen. Create multiple wireless networks for secure internal and customer use in only minutes. Modify splash screens and other branding options with a few clicks of the mouse. What used to require programming, juggling lots of complex devices, and professional tech support becomes plug-and-play with Peplink.


Your signal says a lot about you. What’s your hotspot saying?

Attract customers and encourage them to stick around with a wireless signal that’s strong and clear and fast — no matter where your customers are located on your premises. Thanks to the extended wireless range provided by Pepwave AP One access points, your customers get more signal — and more satisfaction — with fewer pieces of equipment. You look great while spending less on wireless infrastructure.

*License required to operate three or more Pepwave AP One access points. Please contact Green Apple IT for details and pricing.


Peplink – Inbound Load Balancing

Reliable Internet Connectivity for Hosting Servers.

Many companies choose to host their web, email, and application servers in-house, potentially creating many connectivity challenges. Network connection may go down, and the bandwidth may not be able to catch up to growing demands. Insufficient bandwidth reduces server availability under peak loads, resulting in customer support calls from frustrated users. Some companies choose to have their servers co-located in a datacenter. While most datacenters offer scaleable bandwidth, it often comes at a premium price and is still delivered through one WAN connection, representing a single point of failure that can take all servers offline.

 With models that provide as many as thirteen WAN ports and 1.5 gigabits per second throughput, the Peplink Balance allows companies to easily add bandwidth as business expands. Sufficient bandwidth sourced from multiple ISP’s will increase capacity and reliability to provide a better web experience and result in happy customers.

Better Web Experience.

When used with multiple Internet service providers, the Peplink Balance utilizes its built-in authoritative DNS server to manage Inbound Load Balancing.  The Peplink Balance distributes traffic over your available Internet services, easing the bandwidth bottleneck. Customers experience faster response times, which drives sales and confidence in your company’s services.

Flexible Bandwidth Options at Reduced Cost.

 The Peplink Balance gives you the flexibility to accommodate any in-house or co-located servers while keeping bandwidth costs under control. By utilizing multiple Internet connections you can add or remove Internet bandwidth at any given time according to your needs. This allows you to cut your expensive leased lines and maintain the same level of network performance.


Datacenter Grade Reliability.


 More ISPs mean more reliability. All Internet services automatically back each other up, achieving 100% Internet uptime. When any service becomes unavailable, the Peplink Balance delegates web requests through a healthy link to prevent service interruptions.

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Peplink Case Study – MPLS Alternative – Warehouse Specialists Inc

A Reliable MPLS Replacement at a Reduced Cost.

Warehouse Specialists Inc.

Warehouse Specialists Inc. is one of the largest third-party logistics (3PL) companies in the United States. They have over 45 locations with a total of 14 million square ft. of facilities nationwide.

Obtaining Reliable Network Connectivity.

Warehouse Specialists Inc. relies heavily on inter-connectivity between all warehouses to deliver reliable, integrated logistics that allow them to increase efficiency and reduce costs for a wide range of customers. A MPLS network that costs thousands of dollars per month was installed to establish their warehouse network. However, the MPLS had an inherent design flaw. “When our expensive MPLS service fails, our entire warehouse logistics network is offline and that really hurts our business,” said Jason Lamine, Network Services Manager.

An Easy to use All-in-one Solution.

Jason ultimately decided on the Peplink Balance series. “It offered a cost effective all-in-one solution,” Jason explained. “With the Peplink Balance,we’re able to utilize multiple low cost Internet services and realize 100% network uptime while dramatically cutting our monthly expenses.” Using multiple links with the Peplink Site-to-Site VPN Bonding feature, service failures are detected automatically and traffic is switched to a healthy service, achieving the highest network reliability possible.
Warehouse Specialists Inc. installed two Peplink Balance 710 at its headquarters in high availability mode, and deployed the Peplink Balance 380 at branch sites to establish its network. Jason was very impressed with the easy to use Web Admin UI of the Peplink Balance.

100% Uptime. Low Costs. Satisfied Customers.

As a result of installing Peplink Balance routers to replace their existing MPLS, Warehouse Specialists Inc. has seen instant benefits from the ultimate reliability of automatic failover between multiple Internet links, and
they have reduced their monthly recurring network expenses by more than 50%.
Jason is highly satisfied with his experience using Peplink. “Your company is well established and feels very close knit and personable. It’s amazing to find such a great product backed by such a responsive company. Kudos toeveryone at Peplink!”
Want Peplink for your business? Check out or contact us today.

Get 100% Internet Uptime : Internet Solutions from Green Apple IT

Increase Network Speed.

Peplink Balance allows you to increase bandwidth anytime by connecting new low-cost Internet links to existing network. Speed up your network and optimize traffic flow with Peplink’s Advanced Load Balancing Algorithms. Your network traffic will be distributed to different Internet links to increase network speed.

Get 100% Internet Uptime.

Combine up to 13 Internet connections with a Peplink Balance. By connecting to multiple ISPs, all links are used actively and automatically back each other up in case of individual service outages. Further guarantee Internet uptime with one of the High Availability options by using two Peplink Balance devices for 1+1 Backup, or using a single device for LAN Bypass.

Save Money.

Reduce your Internet costs 90% by cutting your T1 or any other expensive links. Buy a Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Router from Green Apple IT, and replace your leased lines using a combination of multiple Internet broadband links. Enjoy the flexibility to scale bandwidth while saving money.

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Outsourcing – know your options


Cloud computing is the latest buzzword to hit the IT industry the world over. However, due to connectivity and infrastructure issues locally, this model has been slow to take off, as cloud applications tend to be bandwidth intensive and South Africa’s networks have not been able to support them.

However, cloud computing is only one type of outsourcing of IT services, and there are a number of other models that could be more applicable in the local market, including full outsourcing, co-sourcing, and managed and hosted services; each of which offers different business and strategic benefits.

Full outsourcing

This scenario involves completely handing over control of the entire IT environment to an outsourcing provider, from the desktop to the network through to connectivity. The client does not have to manage the complex IT infrastructure and places the implementation, maintenance and control of the environment in the hands of a vendor.

This model is particularly useful for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as it removes the need for them to spend large amounts of capital outlay when deploying, maintaining and upgrading their IT infrastructure. It also gives smaller enterprises access to a wide range of specialised skills that they could not afford to hire on an in-house basis.

The main benefits of this scenario are significantly reduced IT cost, access to a range of skills and resources, and reduced lead times when implementing or maintaining, as the business only needs to deal with one supplier. The relationships that outsource vendors have with their suppliers can also be leveraged, as they can often get reduced costs and pass these savings onto the client.

One thing to bear in mind is that when looking for an outsource vendor, a business needs to ensure they can deliver as promised and support the organisation’s requirements. Otherwise an enterprise may find itself locked into a contract with a supplier that cannot deliver, causing major problems for the business as well as additional expense.


The co-sourcing model involves having some internal capabilities and resources and then outsourcing one or several aspects of the IT environment. This may be useful for organisations that have a certain level of skills but need to bring in specialised resources for certain tasks, or for businesses that have very specialised skills and wish to outsource the more labour intensive tasks such as desktop support. This scenario is well suited for medium to large businesses that have some in-house IT resources and wish to outsource others.

Co-sourcing enables organisations to reduce head count in terms of in-house IT resources, as well as better utilise skilled resources when and where they are needed while the rest of the IT work is covered by an outside vendor.

When using this model, however, it needs to be ensured that there is no overlap in terms of skills, as using both in-house and outsourced resources for the same tasks is unproductive and inefficient. The process also needs to be well managed to prevent breakdown in communications between the teams resulting in slow response and resolutions.

Managed Services

Managed services take place on the infrastructure side. The outsourcing supplier will provide technical expertise in areas that are required to be up, running and available at all times, such as data centres, networking equipment, servers, backup and so on. The vendor will provide 24/7 monitoring of these environments and proactively fix problems to prevent downtime.

This model is ideal for large enterprises that cannot afford downtime and the risks and cost associated with it. There is also a cost saving aspect as the company does not need to purchase and maintain expensive monitoring equipment and software. There is a reduction in risk resulting from downtime and access to specialised skills.

This type of outsourcing requires careful consideration, as valuable processes are handled by the vendor. Businesses need to select the right partner – if an unreliable outsourcer is selected it could cause large and costly problems for the organisation.

Hosted services

Hosted services may be Software as a Service (SaaS) or hosted hardware services. This model offers a variety of services to businesses as a hosted option, meaning that the organisation ‘rents’ the service from a provider that has the infrastructure. This means that there is no need for large capital outlay in order to take advantage of the services.

Hosted services are useful to any size business depending on the organisation’s needs. Some examples of hosted services are website hosting hosted email environments and application services.

The major benefit of this model is a major reduction in capital outlay, and the ability to run IT infrastructure through operational expense instead of capital expenditure. It is also a very flexible solution that can be implemented on demand. The possibility exists to have the entire environment hosted, which would be a good option for businesses that have a large mobile workforce, allowing the business to reduce office size and save money.

Once again it is necessary to select the right supplier to ensure quality of service. It is also important to bear in mind that hosted services are entirely dependent on third party connectivity suppliers so when fixed ADSL lines go down the quality of service may be affected.

To conclude

Outsourcing of IT services has many applications and many different models that can provide a host of benefits to businesses of all sizes. With so many different models to choose from an organisation should select the option that best suits their business model.

By Dawie Bloomberg, Managing Director at Green Apple IT

Keep your business connected to the cloud 24×7


At Green Apple IT we understand the importance of keeping your business connected the Internet / Cloud all of the time. We offer a series of high-performance, multi-WAN, load-balancing routers makes it simple to keep your business connected 24×7. Our offering includes the supply of, installation of and the on-going support of these solutions.

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Load Balancing, Link Balancing, Internet redundancy, Auto Failover, High Availability, VPN Bonding, Business Continuity


We all rely on Internet connectivity for our businesses. Be it ADSL, 3G, Wireless, there are pros and cons to each of these broadband technologies. How do we mitigate inherent risks to ensure maximum uptime and productivity?

Here at Green Apple IT, we offer simple yet effective solutions to keep you up and running seamlessly, with no intervention on your side. So if one technology fails, the other will take over,  keeping you connected – all the time.



Contact us for a out-the-box or tailor made internet solution for your business.


Green Apple IT : Website Development

• Design
• Customise website template & layout
• Implement and deploy our enabler website
• Update website skin and template accordingly
• Load Content to webpages
• Testing and Verification
• Studio proofing materials
• Digital transmission facilities within the Website
• Testing and Verification
• Studio proofing materials
• Digital transmission facilities within the Pure Skin Website
• SEO and Online submissions, sitemaps (included only as part of our website & SEO solutions under 12 x month SEO contract)
• Create website + Google sitemaps and submission (included, as part of the 12 x month SEO contract)
• GAIT also provides Website Hosting services

The Importance of Websites for the SME business in South Africa

notebook-services-green-apple-it-johannesburg-south-africaOur main goal is to give you a website that best suits your needs and that of your targeted audience at an affordable price.If you don’t believe a website would help you, consider if any of the following statements apply to you:

• You have a product you would like to sell.
• Reach more people than by handing out your business card.
• Keep your product information up-to-date.
• Add your website visitors to your mailing list.
• You want people to know about your business or organisation.
• Reach more people than by handing out your business card.
• Keep your product information up-to-date.
• Add your website visitors to your mailing list.
• You have customers who need your support.
• Your website is available 24 hours 7 days a week.
• Answer frequently asked questions.
• Provide phone, fax and address detail so your customers can contact you

Complete Web Design Solution
• Website Design Tailored to Your Needs
• Powerful Functionality at Your Fingertips
• Search Engine Friendly Webpage Design
• Easy-to-use Website Management Software
• No hidden fees, No Long-term Contracts
• Quick Website Turnaround