Small Business Server Solutions

Designed and priced for small businesses, Windows Small Business Server 2011 is an affordable server solution to help your business run more efficiently. It provides core functionality for:

  • Networking
  • Server and PC Backup
  • Security
  • Advanced e-mail and calendar capabilities
  • Database and line-of-business support
  • Document and printer sharing
  • Remote Access

Windows Small Business Server offers you a server solution with reduced complexity and increased manageability over traditional enterprise servers, helping you to focus on running a more efficient business.

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Small Business Server Solution


Simplify Small Business IT Simplified Purchase and Setup. Identify, purchase, install, and manage multiple components and technologies together in an interoperable single-server experience. Simplified Management. Reduce administration costs by using an intuitive management interface, one that presents relevant system information and a matching set of tasks.

Increase Business Productivity Remote Web Access. Remote Web Access provides a single, simple, consolidated, and highly secure entry point into a small business network. Access files and documents from inside and outside the business through any common web browser. Desktop Synergies with Windows 7 and Office 2010. By combining Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 with Windows Small Business Server 2011, you will have the IT foundation you need to be more efficient and effective, to easily collaborate with your peers, to work remotely, and to feel confident that all your critical business data is protected. Mobile Device Support. Integrated setup features configure collaboration services so that you can easily add Windows Phone or other Internet-enabled phones. Run Business Applications. Supports critical line-of-business applications and runs them on a secure award winning platform. Tailored to Online Services(1). Provides a cross-premise solution, allowing small businesses to retain core infrastructure and enables simple, single sign-on experiences with cloud-based services.

Help Protect Business Data Simplified Backup for Business Data. Businesses can easily backup server and client data to external and/or internal hard drives. Network-wide Protection. Complete, network-wide security with integrated state of the art protection technologies. Client Protection. Monitors client computers for antivirus status, update compliance, and overall security health. Full Client Backup. Performs a daily, automatic, backup of every computer on a network and the server itself.

Greater Business Insight Information Organization. Streamline document access and control information sharing using a centralized data repository that can be accessed from any computer on the network. Enhanced Support and experience for Line-of-Business With Premium Add On Applications. Run a vast number of line-of-business applications on a second server, and enjoy a powerful data management and analysis

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Green Apple IT Partners with Apple


Green Apple IT has partnered up with Apple Inc to provide leading Apple technologies to its clients.

We now offer the following Apple Products : (Click image for more products / models)



Green Apple IT Partners with Lenovo

LenovoBusinessPartner 300x228 Lenovo Partner

Green Apple IT has partnered up with Lenovo to provide leading Lenovo technologies to its clients.

We now offer the following Lenovo Products : (Click image for more products / models)




     thinkpad large 150x150 Lenovo Partner      thinkcentre large 150x150 Lenovo Partner img ideapad k1 320x230 150x150 Lenovo Partner


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Green Apple IT is proud to announce their partnership with Dell

Dell, Inc. is an American multinational information technology corporation based in 1 Dell Way, Round Rock, Texas, United States, that develops, sells and supports computers and related products and services. Bearing the name of its founder, Michael Dell, the company is one of the largest technological corporations in the world, employing more than 103,300 people worldwide. Dell is listed at number 41 in the Fortune 500 list. It is the third largest PC maker in the world after HP and Lenovo. Dell has grown by both increasing its customer base and through acquisitions since its inception; notable mergers and acquisitions including Alienware (2006) and Perot Systems (2009). As of 2009, the company sold personal computers, servers, data storage devices, network switches, software, and computer peripherals. Dell also sells HDTVs, cameras, printers, MP3 players and other electronics built by other manufacturers. The company is well known for its innovations in supply chain management and electronic commerce.


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10 ways to tune up your PC

1. Keep your PC up to date

2. Performance

3. Action Center

4. ReadyBoost

5. CPU utilization

6. Check for viruses and spyware

7. Clean up your hard drive

8. If you don’t use it, uninstall it

9. Defragment your hard drive

10. Try troubleshooting for performance


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Virtualising the desktop – save space, save money, save the environment

Virtualisation’ and ‘cloud computing’ have become IT buzzwords of late, and are often used interchangeably. This is a misconception – cloud computing is in fact only one form of virtualisation, one that uses the Internet as a platform for dissemination of resources and applications, among others. Other forms of virtualisation, some of which could be of enormous benefit, bear investigation.

Virtualisation is, very basically, the sharing of resources and software on a single machine with multiple terminals. Cloud computing creates a virtual environment where the Internet becomes a platform for the sharing of resources, software, Web services and so on. It is therefore simply one of the various ways of harnessing virtualisation.

There are in fact several different levels or flavours of virtualisation besides cloud computing, including platform, application, resource and database virtualisation. Desktop virtualisation, however, has perhaps the most far reaching implications and benefits.

Desktop virtualisation is about remote manipulation of a computer desktop. It is usually an in-house solution consisting of dumb terminals connected via a wired or wireless network to a server room. Here, a single server will run multiple dumb terminals. On a smaller scale, one desktop computer may run more than one terminal, enabling far more efficient use of resources for low end users.

 Desktop virtualisation has applications in a variety of sectors and industries. For factories, using dumb terminals on the factory floor means that expensive equipment (e.g., hard drive) is not exposed to dust and sparks from machinery. In large corporations or organisations with many users, such as banks, virtualising desktops means that many people can rely on a single machine for access to desktop applications. This saves space as well as lowers the energy requirements needed to run multiple machines.

Universities and Internet cafes can also realise many benefits from running a virtualised desktop environment. Computer rooms at tertiary institutions and public Internet spots experience a large amount of traffic with the potential for security breaches. In a virtualised environment, many terminals can be run off a few servers, which can be placed in a secured room. This will lower the threat of theft as components such as hard drives, CD-ROMS and CPUs, which are very easy to conceal, will not get stolen. And, of course, the dumb terminals are useless without the correct back end. Minimal installation is required for such a set up, thus also reducing maintenance costs. .

Using a virtualised desktop environment has many benefits, but because of the expense in setting up such an infrastructure, it is better suited to large corporates – it becomes more cost effective as numbers increase. It provides a solid foundation that scales easily and quickly to accommodate more users. This means that new users can be added with minimum fuss.

Other benefits include lower maintenance costs because there are fewer boxes to maintain. And fewer upgrades are needed as only the server machines – not all the terminals — need to be upgraded. This can save massive amounts of bandwidth, and therefore cost, in large organisations with many users.

A virtual environment saves space, as terminals take up less room than fully functional boxes do. It also reduces power consumption dramatically. Because the power requirements are lower using dumb terminals, virtualisation is a greener way of computing. Having fewer towers also reduces cooling requirements, so further reduces power consumption since air conditioners do not have to work as hard or as long. In addition, noise pollution is reduced, since fewer machines with fewer fans generate less noise.

Virtualisation can also assist mobility, as users can connect remotely to the office computer from another location. Even if the entire desktop is not virtualised, certain applications, such as Outlook, can be, allowing users to easily access mail from anywhere.

With all of these benefits, it is however necessary to bear in mind that desktop virtualisation may not be suitable for every application or organisation. Virtualised desktops are slightly slower in terms of response times, and do not provide the full experience of a real desktop. For this reason a virtualised environment is not viable for organisations with users that need to access resource intensive applications.

Not all applications are compatible with virtualisation either, so organisations need to take care when virtualising environments. However, as the popularity of this model grows, more and more applications are becoming compatible with the virtualisation model.

Virtualisation is without doubt a fast emerging market in South Africa. Previously such technology was very expensive, requiring a very specialised setup and skills to implement. These all presented enormous barriers to entry and made virtualisation of anything other than high-end applications very difficult.

However, looking into the future, simpler solutions are emerging that are far easier to implement, which makes the virtualisation model more attractive to the mass market. Virtualisation could have a lot of application locally, and the market can expect to see a surge in the uptake of this model in the near future.

By Dawie Bloomberg, Managing Director, Green Apple IT

PC Tune Up Kit


When it comes to keeping your workstation running optimally, maintenance is the key.
At Green Apple IT we have put together a PC Tune-up kit to revive your old and sluggish machine, within reason, of course.

Scope of Work:

• Clean dust from chassis.
• Remove temporary files, deleted items, internet files, cookies, history, schedule hard drive defrag.
• Clean logs, check updates on operating system and anti-virus.
• Hardware, software audit and license audit, with electronic summary for your records.

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IT SLA & Maintainance Contracts


“The Apple Tree” – Comprehensive Support

• On-site Engineer


“A Bag of Apples” – Time Block Support (4 Hr, 16 Hr & 32 Hr packages availiable)

• 8 Hours support per month
• 4 On-site visits per month
• 1 Visit per week, Minimum 1 Hour on-site (from 8 hours)
• 4 hour response time on Business critical systems (Server & Email)


“An Apple a Day” – Remote Support Only

• Weekly Server checks (Remotely)
• 4 Hours Remote user/desktop support


“One Apple will do” – Server only Weekly Checks

• Weekly Server checks (Remotely)


“Apple Slices” – AdHoc Small Business Support

• Call out (Travel)
• On-site Support per hour
Remote Support per hour
• After hour support

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Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware / Anti-Spyware Solutions for the SMME

Many SMME’s do not know which Anti-Virus software to use, and many software vendors out there promise all the bells and whistles but come at a price premium. Green Apple IT has come up with an extremely cost effective solution for businesses which have less than 10 workstations and that need trusted Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware & Anti-Spyware solutions. A total solution that covers the software and installation thereof.

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IT Support Service Offerings from Green Apple IT


The Apple Tree” – Comprehensive Support

• 2 Visits per week
• 1-2 Hours per visit
• Unlimited Remote Support
• 4 hour response time on Business critical systems (Server & Email)


A Bag of Apples” – Time Block Support

• 8 Hours support per month
• 6 On-site visits per month
• 1 Visit per week, Minimum 1 Hour on-site (from 8 hours)
• 4 hour response time on Business critical systems (Server & Email)


An Apple a Day” – Remote Support Only

• Weekly Server checks (Remotely)
• 4 Hours Remote user/desktop support


One Apple will do” – Server only Weekly Checks

• Weekly Server checks (Remotely)


Apple Slices” – AdHoc Small Business Support

• Call out (Travel)
• On-site Support per hour
• Remote Support per hour
• After hour support