28 Attributes of Good Content Marketing to Rock Your Social Business! #Nimble Social CRM

What is content marketing?

What does it mean for your business?

Why should it not be overlooked?

Below are a list of attributes that need to be at the very heart of the content you are publishing. The whole idea is to get informative information out there so that customers come back looking for more.

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Stop Yelling at your Customers – The Marketer’s Monologue is Dead and Gone


“A brand is no longer what we tell consumers it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

~ Scott D. Cook, Founder, Intuit & Board of Directors, P&G


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Can Pinterest Generate Leads For Your Company? 10 Tips

Yes, it’s just pictures and comments. But its extensive reach and word-of-mouth recommendations could make it a rich sales resource for you.

Didn’t it seem like Pinterest came out of nowhere, and suddenly everyone was there? Though some have dismissed it as being a lightweight, a site for posting pictures of furniture and craft projects, a recent report from Experian claims that it’s now the third-largest social network, behind Facebook and Twitter.

But can it help your customers and prospects find you? Can you reveal your company’s persona and information about its products there in a way that might sway a potential buyer? Are your competitors there?

The answer to all three question is Yes – as long as you follow the same studied path you took to develop a presence on other social networks: Develop a strategy (why go there? do the site’s tools support the company’s overall mission?) that translates into goals (promote our brand, showcase our products, further develop our human side online) that translate into action items (develop two off-topic pages, host an employee page, create a unifying brand-based theme for all pages), etc.

An Enjoyable Process

Hosting a presence on Pinterest can be fun. And the concept of social selling meshes well with it: You can use it to show prospects and customers who you are using pictures rather than words. And you can develop relationships with these people and businesses by learning who they are and interacting with them.

Isn’t that why we’re all involved in social media, anyway? To meet people, to share our professional and personal sides, to solve problems and get them solved for ourselves? To see if something we can offer matches the needs of others?

So here, in no particular order, are some tips on how to build an engaging Pinterest site – and get people there.

  • Identify your target following. Who are you trying to reach? What will they want from you?
  • Determine what product lines, company events and people you want to highlight. You don’t have to launch in a big way: Pick five content areas and do them exceptionally well to start.
  • Set up multiple boards. That’s what Pinterest calls them. Boards are simply pages with themes that fit into one of Pinterest’s categories. If you have an architecturally-interesting building, start a board with pictures of highlights. Post how-to videos breaking down a process one of your products facilitates. Set up a board with pictures from the company’s summer picnic. Here’s an excerpt from the Pinterest presence of our partner, Hubspot. The company has created 32 boards in all – so far.
  • Repin content that you like on your own boards to give people more clues about your interests and passions. Repinning a post is a compliment to the original poster; it can build goodwill subtly.
  • Like and Comment on content that genuinely speaks to you in some way.
  • Follow people and companies that interest you. Some of them will be curious, explore and follow you back.
  • Let your customers share the limelight. Feature success stories from customers who are willing to share.
  • Post “before” and “after” pictures. If you sell hair care products, for example, or car-detailing supplies, this is a no-brainer. Show prospects how your products can improve their lives in some way.


  • Don’t forget about the lighter side: Share your sense of humor.
  • Make sure that you understand Pinterest’s copyright and trademark policies, so that you don’t violate someone’s rights – and so you can take action if someone is infringing on yours.

Above all, put a link to your Pinterest site on your website. It’s easy, as are other tasks on the site. Look here for a brief primer if you’re not familiar with it yet.

Some of the informal guidelines that apply to social selling, like don’t overpromote, are a little looser on Pinterest. You still want your primary goal to be relationship-building, but visitors will be free to skip over product-based boards if they want and go for the softer stuff.

Pictures can be more powerful than words in the sales process. They can be persuasive in a way that a few paragraphs of text can’t – and they’re less likely to seem pushy. So use your company and product images wisely and let them tell your story on Pinterest.


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Your Blog Can Sell, But You Must Sell Your Blog


Getting your blog noticed requires careful crafting and skillful promotion.

When you think “social media” in relation to your online sales efforts, do you only consider major networks like Twitter and Facebook?

Blogs are possibly the best tools for drawing in potential customers. You can set your own post length. You can use other social media venues to drive traffic to your blog. You can do free, unlimited promotion of your brand (quietly).You can meet a wide variety of company goals with them.

Blogs combine the interactivity of online communication with the freedom and flexibility of content publishing. Only you’re the publisher now. You’re in control, which can be both an exciting and frightening prospect.

The Most Basic Rule

What can you do to compete amidst all the noise? First, make sure that your post is written clearly and simply, and that you’ve proofread it carefully. Poor spelling, punctuation and grammar can sink your blog, fast.

Some people won’t notice, but most will. It makes you look unprofessional, inattentive and just plain sloppy. And it affects the overall impression that people have of you and your company, telling them something about your attention to detail and accuracy. Hire a freelance copy editor if you need to.

Help Prospects Find You

If someone typed your exact company name in a search engine, they’d be likely to get a hit for your blog.

But to get leads – and ultimately, sales – from your blog, you need to be proactive. You want people who don’t know you to find you, individuals and companies that might be a perfect match for your products or services. If you own a hair salon that specializes in extensions, for example, you want to appear high on the results list if someone types something like, hair extensions [your city and state] in Google.

So think carefully about the words and phrases that people might search on to find businesses like yours. Sprinkle these keywords throughout your post, especially near the beginning of your titles and in subheads and bulleted lists. Google even provides a tool to help you select effective keywords. Go to Google AdWords (you don’t have to create an ad campaign to use the tool even if you set up an AdWords account) and sign into your Google account.

On the next screen, click Tools and Analysis | Keyword Tool. Enter a Word or phrase and select a category. Google AdWords will display a table with suggestions and some information about your competition for that keyword. Advanced options provide additional help.


NIMBLE TIP: You might also find that some of your tags and custom fields in Nimble would make good keywords.

Tooting Your Own Horn

Writing a compelling, thought-provoking blog post that tells a story or solves a problem is only half the battle. What you do after you’ve composed your blog posts is just as important as your actual content in terms of attracting possible customers. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Go to places like LinkedIn Answers and relevant group forums, as well as Facebook Groups and Twitter chats – and, yes, other blogs in your industry — and mingle. Answer questions, and ask them. Don’t push product information; just give away information.
  • Post frequently, at least 3-4 times a week. Studies have shown that you’ll get more traffic.
  • Encourage inbound links. The more people that link to you, the more Google will like you.
  • Set up RSS feeds so that links to your blog posts are automatically pushed out to your website and other social media sites. Many blog publishing sites help you set this up, like WordPress and Blogger. If you’ve employed one that doesn’t, you can use Google’s FeedBurner.
  • Remember handwritten thank-you notes? They still have a place in business, and most people appreciate getting them. Send them out for new or especially big sales, for contributing in a positive way to your blog or any other occasion that seems appropriate.
  • Turn your blog posts into occasional e-newsletters. Include links back to your best posts (how-to’s are quite popular). Write a very intriguing subject line to increase click-throughs. Pay attention to what gets clicked on and do a follow-up. Constant Contact does a great job of automating this process.

And remember the first rule of online sales relationships: Be responsive to comments quickly and interact in a friendly, professional fashion with your visitors. They came to your blog for a reason; now keep them coming back to continue the conversation


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“Let’s Eat, Grandma” or “Let’s Eat Grandma:” Your Social Media Content Needs Careful Editing


Anyone can be a published author now – and it shows. Make your social media content more credible by using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling.


You see it everywhere, every day on the web: nearly unintelligible writing. It’s not just the abbreviated words that texting has ushered in; that’s understandable in the comments sections of media sites, or in Twitter and Facebook updates.

But myriad professional websites and blogs are written as if by a not-so-conscientious schoolchild. Bad grammar, punctuation and spelling have even crept into major newspapers and magazines.

Blame it on poor education, on shrinking media budgets that gut copy editing staffs or on the internet itself, which lets anyone with a keyboard spill out their thoughts for the world to see.

Don’t let it happen to you. How you say what you say is almost as important as what you say. Just because we’re inundated with mediocrity on the web doesn’t mean we should set the bar lower.

As Far As… It’s not just English majors and schoolteachers who notice errors in the printed word online. Many consumers and businesses who are sizing your company up online look askance at sloppy copy.

Just because an incorrect spelling or improper phrase gets used frequently by high-profile individuals doesn’t mean that you can fall back on the old, Well, it’s common usage…. You’ve likely heard a TV weatherman say something like, As far as the weather, it’s going to be a beauty tomorrow. What happened to, As far as the weather is concerned or goes?

So it’s not just the kids in the chat rooms. Educated professionals are encouraging bad usage by modeling it.

Free and Inexpensive Help You need every advantage you can get to compete in the online marketplace. Clean, readable writing that incorporates the proper use of grammar, spelling and punctuation enhances your image. It’s a simple thing to do. How? You don’t have to dazzle people with esoteric words. In fact, according to one of the bibles of good writing, The Elements of Style, you shouldn’t use a big, fancy word when a simpler one will do. The idea is to be easily understood by your readers. Newspaper writers are often instructed to write in a style that the average 14-year-old could understand.

Don’t trust your own writing skills?

• Look within your own staff. There are liberal arts majors lurking everywhere these days. Put out a call for an editor.

• Use Microsoft Word’s built-in tools. You probably have the spell-checker on, but let the grammar tool take a run at your writing, too. Turn on the thesaurus (or right-click on any word to activate it) and vary your vocabulary.

• Subscribe to an online proofreader/writing coach. Grammarly is one; $11.66/month if you pay annually. Here’s an excellent basic primer outlining common errors.

• Read. The best writers are often reading good books and respected publications when they’re not composing.

• Read your content aloud.

• Spring for a couple of writing books, preferably fun ones like The Elephants of Style or Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

Your tone is important, too, and that’s often difficult to get across in print. You’ve probably had someone bristle at an email you sent — when you hadn’t intended offense at all.

Speak directly to your audience. Say, for example, “If you’re running into problems with your heating system,” rather than, “Many homeowners have reported problems with their heating systems.”

The way you present yourself in words online is something like the way your salespeople present themselves in face-to-face meetings. Bad grammar, punctuation and spelling = uncombed hair, wrinkled shirt and clashing colours. So straighten your tie.


Thanks to Richard @ Nimble “Original Post

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Green Apple IT Brings Big Business Online Marketing Services to the SME


Green Apple IT Brings Big Business Online Marketing Services to the SME

“After consulting with our existing clients & thorough market evaluation Green Apple IT Marketing Services provides the market with cost effective & measurable online marketing Solutions. Working closely with our IT Services division (GAIT) we are able to provide complimentary IT & Marketing Services to our clients with an integrated service approach” says Dawie Bloomberg.

We offer high levels of online marketing services that big businesses expect and at a price to suit the pockets of smaller businesses, delivering solutions that fit the needs of these businesses and help them to grow and prosper, cost effectively.

“We believe that no business is ever too small to have a robust marketing & communications strategy, but SMEs often do not have much of a marketing budget. At Green Apple online Marketing Services we focus on delivering the right solutions to meet our customers’ needs and budgets. And the key word is ‘solutions’. We do not simply sell products, but work with SMEs to develop a tailored integrated online marketing solution that makes business sense because it will actually help them to expand their business and as a result will help them to do business better,” says Dawie Bloomberg, Managing Director of Green Apple IT.

“There is a misconception in the SME market that online marketing solutions are always expensive and require a lot of personal resource and new equipment to be effective, our challenge is to help small and medium sized businesses overcome this idea and help them to understand how a cost effective and integrated online solution can benefit their business,” says Bloomberg.

We manage all our online marketing services in-house so that you don’t have to!

We simplify integrated Marketing Services for your business that includes;

• Website development
• Social Media
• ‘e’ Marketing Campaigns
• Pre & post & campaign Analysis to include ROI, RFM, Loyalty, LTV, Profiling & Segmentation
• Accurate and valuable Customer Acquisition & Retention
• We help with developing & implementing your overall Marketing and Communication strategy
• Brand Promotion

All our work is supported by thorough reporting allowing us to understand the true value behind our client’s investments. ROI campaigning is the only way forward!

As you are aware Green Apple IT & Marketing Services is a proudly a South African company with 1st world International experience and qualifications. We understand our client’s requirements and we are proud to deliver positive and incremental change.

Should you wish to speak with us directly please contact us:

Yours in Business, the team at Green Apple IT

Online Marketing by Green Apple IT Marketing Services


At Green Apple IT Marketing Services we provide website development with integrated online website marketing services.

Our experience allows us to deliver optimal & functional effective online website solutions for both product & business  services led companies across all industry sectors.

Our online marketing services deliver optimal prospecting, conversion and bottom line, customer sales. Available for both product and services related companies.

Green Apple IT Marketing Services is a results driven marketing service provider and all our work is measurable and accurate through effective data and campaign analysis. We provide pre and post online campaign analysis that supports and delivers on your companies marketing strategy.

We deliver cost effective and measurable online Sales & Marketing solutions by using integrated Web Marketing mediums such as;

• SEO – Search Engine Key word optimisation for your companies products and services
• Social Media & Viral Marketing Communities – Bloggs, Facebook, Twitter etc
• Measurable and interactive Dynamic Content within your company website
• Shopping Cart techniques for streamlined online purchase process
• Customer Analysis – Segmentation and Profiling
• email communication – we host email databases for our customers and run and manages their online email marketing campaigns.
• Database enhancement and targeting solutions across your prospect and customer database

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