Search Engine Optimisation

While it is impossible to know the underlying algorithms that produce the search engine results in the major engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN, try to put your in the search spider’s shoes, so to speak. If you can visualize your website the way a search engine might “see” it, then you are off to a good start. If not Green Apple IT & Online Marketing Services can help bring you up t speed as to how SEARCH works whilst adhering to best practice rules within search. From here we can make adjustments and tweaks that will help your website rank well within the search engines.

If you had to have a conversation with Google’s automated crawling software (spiders or Googlebots) I am sure it will follow these lines;

You: Excuse me, Googlebot, why doesn’t rank well in Google for the keyword “help me?”

• Googlebot: Where shall I begin? First of all, your code is a mess. You have more lines of code than actual text and so many nested tables it makes my head spin.

• Your home page has a keyword density of 24 percent, which is suspiciously high compared with the top-ranking sites in my spider database worldwide, all of which average about seven percent. Are you keyword stuffing? You know I don’t like doorway pages!

• You only have 12 backlinks going to your home page that I recognize, and six of them are from within your domain. The top ten sites have an average of 300 backlinks in the spiders  database and literally thousands of backlinks in Yahoo and MSN.

• I’ve slapped you with a duplicate content penalty because I noticed that has the same exact home page copy as you. Don’t look so surprised – I don’t care whose fault it is! On average, your site is 60 percent slower to download than every other site in my database and all your dynamic URLs are giving me a headache. Honestly, do you really need so many variables?

• You don’t have a site map so I can’t easily crawl through the pages of your site, and all of your navigation is represented in FLASH images without meaningful ALT tags, so I don’t know where I am when I click away from the home page.

• Your link partners are abysmal – they are not contextually relevant (which makes me suspicious) and you repeat the same exact words in the linking text, which makes me think you’re doing automated link swapping. I’ve been here three times in the past month and your content has not been refreshed once. I can’t be bothered with you and your stale, under optimized content.

Website Optimisation – Part 2 of 2

Do you already have a website without SEO and Social Media as part of your website strategy?

The good news is, in most cases, you do not need a new website. You should however, take immediate action to correct the situation. Here are a few things you can do if you find yourself with a brand new or existing website that has not been optimized for search engine activities.


1) Speak with Green Apple IT Marketing Services to arrange your website Audit. What you’re looking for at this point is at least some basic keyword research, customized title tags and the presence of relevant Meta and ALT tags throughout your website. If your website has dynamically generated pages (e.g., shopping cart pages), ask about search engine friendly URLs.

2) If our Audit indicates that SEO has not been applied to your existing or new website, ask us how much it would cost to add SEO components to your website.

3) Develop a short-term and long-term SEO strategy starting with optimization of your website and track the results. You can then build a long-term SEO strategy which will involve Green Apple IT Online SEO Marketing Services. We can help you with this as part of our overall SEO services.

Keep in mind that even companies that are lucky enough to implement SEO during the web development stage must continue to budget for SEO indefinitely and monthly as SEO and Social Media is an ongoing exercise.

Our SEO services include optimization of your existing and new website. You will actually be ahead of the game if you plan for total website optimization now rather than later.

Website Optimisation – Part 1 of 2

You may have recently launched a website or are about to launch a site that’s currently under development and not yet given any thought to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Although it is ideal to implement SEO during your website’s development phase, you can employ an effective SEO strategy after your website has been developed, although you will face some unique challenges. Many SME companies may not realize they need to budget for SEO (new age way of marketing) for different reasons including the fact that they’ve never heard of SEO until after their website has been completed. Green Apple IT Web development builds SEO into the foundation of your website within the overall development package OR as an add-on to your website.

It is never too late to optimise your website in order to generate enquiries and sales. Why wait, your competitors are doing it. Contact Green Apple IT for further information.

We provide favourable payment plans that allow the SME to have the best of breed website, SEO and Social Media marketing strategy. The corporate world is changing so best get it right now to avoid your competitors stealing a march on your business. Small fact, at least 10% of your budget simply has to be spent on marketing your business products & services. Gone are the days of hard copy mass print marketing. Get online with Green Apple IT Mkt Services and we will guide you and support your business every step of the way.

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Developing and maintaining an online marketing strategy is critical.

Developing and maintaining an online marketing strategy is critical for local SME businesses that want to grow and thrive.
Every business needs traffic, leads and sales and just having a website is no longer enough. And just as every consumer is unique, every company has unique strands that need to be revealed and optimized to maximize their search engine ranking within their chosen niche market.

There are many Search Engine Optimization services, aka “SEO”, but the purpose of all of these is to achieve highest possible organic ranking for a specific website on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Organic or “natural” ranking is achieved by the relevance of the search terms used, in contrast to paid advertising.

Green Apple IT Online Marketing Services provides a proven system for international and local search. It includes a wide range of SEO services, depending on the goals, budget and local niche markets our customers want to dominate. Some include:

• Marketing & Communication Strategies – a joint approach
• Keyword Research
• Local Listings
• Link Building
• Reverse Engineering – Traffic Search from competitor’s sites
• Article Writing
• Advertorials
• Press Releases
• Social Media
• Blogging

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Green Apple IT Brings Big Business Online Marketing Services to the SME


Green Apple IT Brings Big Business Online Marketing Services to the SME

“After consulting with our existing clients & thorough market evaluation Green Apple IT Marketing Services provides the market with cost effective & measurable online marketing Solutions. Working closely with our IT Services division (GAIT) we are able to provide complimentary IT & Marketing Services to our clients with an integrated service approach” says Dawie Bloomberg.

We offer high levels of online marketing services that big businesses expect and at a price to suit the pockets of smaller businesses, delivering solutions that fit the needs of these businesses and help them to grow and prosper, cost effectively.

“We believe that no business is ever too small to have a robust marketing & communications strategy, but SMEs often do not have much of a marketing budget. At Green Apple online Marketing Services we focus on delivering the right solutions to meet our customers’ needs and budgets. And the key word is ‘solutions’. We do not simply sell products, but work with SMEs to develop a tailored integrated online marketing solution that makes business sense because it will actually help them to expand their business and as a result will help them to do business better,” says Dawie Bloomberg, Managing Director of Green Apple IT.

“There is a misconception in the SME market that online marketing solutions are always expensive and require a lot of personal resource and new equipment to be effective, our challenge is to help small and medium sized businesses overcome this idea and help them to understand how a cost effective and integrated online solution can benefit their business,” says Bloomberg.

We manage all our online marketing services in-house so that you don’t have to!

We simplify integrated Marketing Services for your business that includes;

• Website development
• Social Media
• ‘e’ Marketing Campaigns
• Pre & post & campaign Analysis to include ROI, RFM, Loyalty, LTV, Profiling & Segmentation
• Accurate and valuable Customer Acquisition & Retention
• We help with developing & implementing your overall Marketing and Communication strategy
• Brand Promotion

All our work is supported by thorough reporting allowing us to understand the true value behind our client’s investments. ROI campaigning is the only way forward!

As you are aware Green Apple IT & Marketing Services is a proudly a South African company with 1st world International experience and qualifications. We understand our client’s requirements and we are proud to deliver positive and incremental change.

Should you wish to speak with us directly please contact us:

Yours in Business, the team at Green Apple IT

Online Marketing by Green Apple IT Marketing Services


At Green Apple IT Marketing Services we provide website development with integrated online website marketing services.

Our experience allows us to deliver optimal & functional effective online website solutions for both product & business  services led companies across all industry sectors.

Our online marketing services deliver optimal prospecting, conversion and bottom line, customer sales. Available for both product and services related companies.

Green Apple IT Marketing Services is a results driven marketing service provider and all our work is measurable and accurate through effective data and campaign analysis. We provide pre and post online campaign analysis that supports and delivers on your companies marketing strategy.

We deliver cost effective and measurable online Sales & Marketing solutions by using integrated Web Marketing mediums such as;

• SEO – Search Engine Key word optimisation for your companies products and services
• Social Media & Viral Marketing Communities – Bloggs, Facebook, Twitter etc
• Measurable and interactive Dynamic Content within your company website
• Shopping Cart techniques for streamlined online purchase process
• Customer Analysis – Segmentation and Profiling
• email communication – we host email databases for our customers and run and manages their online email marketing campaigns.
• Database enhancement and targeting solutions across your prospect and customer database

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