Content Critical, So Plan

It’s important that you post unique content on your blog or website. Google doesn’t like duplicated data. There’ll be times, of course, when you’ll want to write about some industry news and events. Your readers can learn the facts in a number of places, so if you do this, give them your spin on it, but carefully. Stay positive and non-judgmental.

You can always start threads on your Facebook page or blog with news from your profession, or tweet it. One of the best ways to find fresh stories is also one of the oldest ones: Set up a Google News Alert. Enter your search term or phrase, select the type of content you want and when you want it (as it happens, once daily or weekly) and supply your email address.

The real key, though, is to build up a pool of content topics. Bring a group of employees into a conference room a couple of times a month. Buy them pizza for lunch and let them brainstorm ideas.

If your business is large enough to have a number of dedicated roles or departments, make sure that you hear from every corner of the company. Your sales and service reps can be most valuable, since they “touch” customers the most. What questions are they asking and what problems do they report?

Maintain an ongoing thread on your blog and website soliciting feedback from visitors, and respond when they offer it – with a personal message. We’ve all seen the form letter that starts with, Your feedback is very important to us. Let them know you read it.

Tomorrow our final installment “Social Selling Requires Authenticity

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