Till few years back social media websites such Facebook and Twitter were platforms which were used by people to announce banal messages such as rubbish  .But soon businesses realized the importance of social media in shaping people opinions. the Social media have a great power to harness public’s opinion. With millions of people as members, these sites became a big source of news and also dissemination of news.

It’s obvious that an effective social media strategy can help a corporation in many ways. Some ways how social media can benefit your business;

1) Establishing brand identity: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are three of the world’s most popular sites which see billions of hits everyday.

2) Spread the word about your services: For any company that provides services social media is the perfect platform. A company page in Facebook can help in making your services popular in a subtle way without subjecting your audience to an incessant stream of ads.

3) Make your products popular: Cloth brands, Beverage companies and even shoe companies are using social media to popularize their products. Since, social media can be used to connect to members in a personal manner; this is fast becoming the preferred choice of promotion.  Various marketing activities such as contests, games, sponsorships, sampling are been used with positive uptake effect.

4) Interact with your audience/customers: Social media sites are a great place to interact with your customers one on one and in real time although you must be ‘active’!

5) Market research: Through social media you can actively ask people to share opinions regarding new product launches, services and what features they would like in the new products. You can get opinion in real time and from real people. Such market research also proves to be very affordable.

6) Twitter is one such site which can be a very effective tool for client servicing. Whenever a disaffected client tweets about his problem, you can reply, solve or guide him real time and in full public glare. Your response time will improve dramatically and company’s public perception as a responsible and a responsive company will increase manifolds.

7) Increase your business contacts: Social media is a place where the probability of other businesses finding you is quite great. You can increase contacts with other companies and industry and spread your network with relevancy.

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