If your website or blog is buried deep within Google search results, these simple tips will help move you up.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is such an intimidating phrase. Makes it sound like you need to be an IT specialist to implement it.

You don’t. Yes, if you know HTML, you have more sophisticated tools at your disposal. But if you write content in the English language for a website or blog, you can use these tips to improve your standing. Good SEO helps you move up the Google food chain and claim a higher spot in search results – making it easier for customers and prospects to find you.

Encourage inbound links. If Google sees that you have a lot of links coming in from other sites, it’s going to smile on you. There must be something of value on your web properties to make people who aren’t you link to your pages that extol the benefits of whole-house duct cleaning or olive oil facials. But beware: These links are less valuable if they all point to your home page, and Google may suspect automation at work. So use a lot of deep links (pages within your website or blog), but make them easy to find. And when you direct people back to your site, reference them.

Thanks to Todd @ Nimble (Original Post)

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