Part 1 of 4 (What The Heck Is Social, Social Business, Social Media and Social CRM?)


It seems everywhere you go you hear about the effect that Social Media will have on all of our lives. I thought I’d take a few moments to share what the words Social, Social Business, Social Media and Social CRM mean to me. I hope that defining these words will lead to a better understanding of the topics we will be covering in our future blog posts.

What is Social? Put simply, something is “Social” when it involves an interaction between individuals or groups. People display social behaviors everyday through the interactions they have with their customers, co-workers and friends. Being Social deepens relationships, making it the common denominator between three critical – and increasing integrated – elements of today’s business: Social Business, Social Media and Social CRM.

Tomorrow we look at What is Social Business?

Nimble expands on the traditional notion of customer relationship management, empowers small businesses to engage any individual where they are talking, and helps them transform those individuals into long-lasting customers.

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