Today consumers are selecting to spend more time online, but this has not negated their need for other mediums. Consumers still choose to read print, listen to the radio and watch TV for example. The medium of choice ultimately depends on what suits the consumer at any given time or location.  Find the right medium for your customers.

Due to the combined effects of a general lack of understanding of the online medium, in South Africa Green Apple IT Online Marketing Services was born. “We have embraced online as an integrated business services provision to the SME market and have developed our own ”Green Print” allowing us to cost effectively implement our world class website design & development allowing for the provision of integrated online, SEO, Social Media, campaign analysis & online fulfilment for our clients”  says Dawie Bloomberg

Today, even though digital media has become an increasingly popular choice amongst the big digital Agencies out there (latest OPA/ Nielsen Online stats indicate 9 million South Africans accessed the web in the final quarter of 2010), digital advertising agencies still operate in isolation professing to provide a one stop shop for their clients. This is generally a false perception as they have several marketing divisions within and with associated cost centres. When you take a step back and review their structure it is often a very costly affair.

Digital Agencies are most often bought in towards the end of the strategic process and allocated a set budget by the traditional media planners, or furnished with a separate brief and budget from the advertiser directly.

This isolationist approach does not benefit the client, or the campaign objective.

Separatist planning is like operating with a proverbial broken telephone, it produces an end result which is incomprehensible to the message intended at the outset let alone costing a fortune.

Traditional strategists are briefed on the campaign objective and then allocate budgets between the various mediums. The digital brief is then typically outsourced to a digital planning agency who are told what the budget is, and who receive the brief second hand.

The digital creative concept and message if often not seamless with the rest of the campaign, the brand identity is often lost and mixed messages are sent to the consumer. Most importantly the results do not reflect the actual performance of the campaign and this is where Green Apple IT Online Marketing Services are at the forefront of delivering numbers that speak louder than words. All our online efforts are measureable thus allowing our clients to understand their Return On Investment and the value of the customers.

An integrated online planning process should ensure that the right platform is used to deliver a response to the advertising injected into that medium.  The focus must not be on the number of eyes and ears that can be reached; instead the focus must be on the advertising medium best positioned to make the conversion i.e., Facebook vs. Twitter, both great platforms however, should be used differently.

Green Apple IT Online Marketing Services work towards providing integrated online communication plans allowing us to understand the true benefits of all digital mediums. Overall results of an online campaign will be measured on actual conversions and the real measurement of the clients ROI. Effective communication combined with the right medium based on what the CONSUMER wants will deliver the greatest conversion.

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