If you are an owner of a local business, you are probably suffering from a drop
in demand of your products or services as a result of an economic slowdown.
Statistics show that small businesses are making 30% – 50% less than they were
just a couple of years ago. Let’s not blame the economy, let’s take a look at how
Green Apple IT eMarketing Services & online Social media services can help find
new customers for your business…..

“86% of advertisers predict Social Advertising to become more effective than traditional media, making it the single most promising of 15 channels studied by Forrester Research.”

Social media marketing also known as Social Influence marketing is the act of using social influencers, social media platforms, online communities for marketing, publication relations and customer service with a common goal that is to promote and sell your company’s products and services.

Common and effective online marketing starts with your company’s website. From your website you should be in a position for optimal website development allowing useful social media marketing tools like Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube to promote your company’s Products & Services in a targeted, measurable and cost effective manner.

Benefits of Website / Online Social Media Marketing:

  • Social Media Marketing allows the advertiser or marketer to attain the maximum reach with minimal cost with a better understanding of the Return on investment online.
  • Consumers no longer have to sit back and watch as brands, products & services pass them by, they are now empowered with a voice that allows them to have their opinions heard across the social web and to engage with brands directly.

Through relevant website advertising & marketing and participating in online communities is where the humanization of
a company, brand, product or services comes about. This also increases the amount of trust between the consumer and the brand itself and allows your prospect or customer a call to action – get in touch with you!

Green Apple IT eMarketing Services create and manage Social Media Marketing campaigns for our clients. We manage your existing website and Social Marketing or create a whole new campaign tailored to your needs and relevant testing that allows us to profile your customer & prospects accordingly and further segmentation based on the profile of your online visitors who enquire and go on to purchase your company’s products and services.

We can customise your website to accommodate, manage and monitor the best suited social media sites to fit in with your companies brand identity and boost your service or product communication and sales with your customers.

After you accounts are created and website customised & optimised, Green Apple IT eMarketing Services manage your website and create updates on your behalf i.e., new product/s & services etc

There are many potential customers ‘out-there’ however, in today’s economic environment you need to communicate effectively and locate your prospects in the right places and the right time! Know where your customers ‘hang-out’ online communicate with them and attract them with relevancy!

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