Part 2 of 4 (What The Heck Is Social, Social Business, Social Media and Social CRM? )

What is Social Business? Conducting Social Business is simply the art of interacting with customers on a more personal level, in order to find opportunities to listen and engage. Business people have been social creatures since the beginning of time. They have practiced Social Business by inviting clients to meet with them in a more casual setting outside the business environment in places like restaurants, clubs and golf courses. They also practice social when they pay attention to ”Whats on the Walls” and behind the desk of the people they are meeting with. In the old days I would look at the photos of my customers and at the degrees and awards on their walls. These tips gave me clues about their background and ideas of common ground that we could connect on. These interactions lead to deeper connections, more trust and eventually more business. If you wonder how come, just think about this: People buy from people they like and they like people who know them. We cannot know someone without listening to them and when we truly listen, people will tell us exactly how we can engage and succeed!

Tomorrow we look at What is Social Media?

Nimble expands on the traditional notion of customer relationship management, empowers small businesses to engage any individual where they are talking, and helps them transform those individuals into long-lasting customers.

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