Part 3 of 4 (What The Heck Is Social, Social Business, Social Media and Social CRM? )

What is Social Media? Media is simply a communications channel. In the old days, business relationships were built one-to-one through personal communications, but ‘Mad Men’ took over these channels in the 50′s and used mass media to shout messages at customers to get their attention and encourage them to buy. Mass marketing has become less effective as the volume of messaging has mushroomed and overwhelmed the customer. Social Media is an evoulution of the Media channel.

Social Media is the name for the collection of tools (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others) that we use to be Social via the Web. These tools are sweeping our world and are being adopted at an astonishing rate by individuals and businesses. Yet, many people still have misunderstandings about what these tools are and how they can or should be used. A common assumption is that “Facebook is for people looking to hook-up with their high school sweetheart, LinkedIn is for people looking for a job, and Twitter is for propeller heads”. Do not make this mistake! All of these Social Media tools (and many that you have never heard of) are powerful tools that your competitors are using as part of their strategy to steal YOUR customers today. Businesses are using Social Media tools to re-establish and practice the old art of one-to-one communications on a global scale.

Tomorrow we look at What is Social CRM?

Nimble expands on the traditional notion of customer relationship management, empowers small businesses to engage any individual where they are talking, and helps them transform those individuals into long-lasting customers.

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