Video teleconferencing, virtual field trips, social networking, and other modern teaching methods require more bandwidth than most schools have available. Communication between school officials, teachers, students, and parents demands reliable Internet service. With budgets being slashed at all levels, every school has to find ways to get the most out of every dollar spent on Internet access. By allowing school to take advantage of multiple low-cost Internet services, the Peplink Balance can be the centerpiece needed to satisfy the demand for reliable high-speed Internet access now, and in the future.

More Bandwidth.

Peplink Balance is a high-performance multi-WAN router that works with your school’s existing Internet service and allows you to reliably add multiple low-cost DSL and cable-modem services to increase overall bandwidth. As many as thirteen Internet services can easily be combined to provide up to 1.5GB/s throughput — more bandwidth than most schools will ever need. Our “Drop-In” feature will not require your IT department to change your existing network setup, simplifying the installation process.

Save Money without Losing Reliability.

Are you paying too much for reliable Internet service? Does your school depend on just one Internet service provider? Save money and get 100% Internet uptime by cutting your expensive service and using multiple lower-cost DSL or cable Internet service providers. The Peplink Balance will constantly perform “health checks” for each service. If a service failure is detected, it will automatically re-route traffic to a healthy link. This transparent failover functionality of the Peplink Balance eliminates service interruptions and provides reliable Internet access for the entire school.

Prioritized Internet Traffic.

The Peplink Balance’s Outbound Traffic Management lets you easily prioritize Internet traffic across all active services. The traffic that requires the absolute best quality connection — like video streaming, Voice over IP (VoIP), and virtual private networks (VPN) — can be channeled through your best Internet service while email and non-critical web browsing traffic can be pushed across less-expensive cable and DSL connections. Traffic Management can also ensure that your school’s teachers and administrators are never without quality Internet service, guaranteeing reliable communications with parents and students.


Customer Spotlight

Many respected educational institutions have already experienced the benefits of the Peplink Balance. Add one to your school’s network and meet the growing demand for reliable broadband Internet access.

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