Business travelers require high-quality broadband Internet access. The Peplink Balance is an extremely reliable load-balancing router that works with your existing Internet service provider and allows you to easily combine as many as thirteen Internet services for reliable connectivity and increased overall bandwidth. Advanced user-group and traffic management features make it simple to distribute and control the amount of bandwidth available to guests, staff, and management.

You Need More Bandwidth.

The increased use of video-conferencing, cloud computing, social networking, and video services like Hulu and Netflix has created a greater demand for Internet bandwidth. To meet the challenge of providing high quality Internet service, the Peplink Balance provides a high-performance multi-WAN router that works with your existing Internet service and allows you to effortlessly add low-cost DSL and cable-modem services to increase overall bandwidth. As many as thirteen Internet services can be combined to provide as much as 1.5GB/s bandwidth — more than most facilities will ever need. Our “Drop-In” feature allows for zero-configuration installation that won’t require your IT department to change your existing network setup.






 Superior Traffic Management allows you to prioritize important web services like VPN, VoIP (SIP), and remote desktop over the best-performing service, leaving the lower cost Internet access to handle general web traffic.

100% Internet Uptime.

Many facilities in the hospitality industry still rely on a single service provider for Internet access, so run a much higher risk of downtime. The Peplink Balance eliminates downtime by using inexpensive DSL or cable services as redundant Internet connections and will constantly perform “health checks” for each service. When a service failure is detected, the Peplink Balance will automatically re-route traffic to a healthy link, providing 100% Internet uptime. This transparent failover functionality of the Peplink Balance eliminates Internet service interruptions and maintains incredibly reliable Internet access for hotel guests and management.

Prioritized Internet Traffic.

The Peplink Balance’s Outbound Traffic Management feature allows your staff to easily prioritize VPN, VoIP/SIP, streaming audio/video, and other demanding applications through your best Internet service while email and non-critical web browsing traffic can be pushed across less-expensive cable and DSL connections. Traffic management also ensures that your staff and management always have quality Internet service, improving their ability to maintain smooth communications with parent company web services and provide quality concierge services to guests.

Level The Playing Field.

The Peplink Balance is used by many large and respected organizations in the hospitality industry. Add a Peplink Balance to your network and let our reputation for improving Internet bandwidth and uptime improve your reputation for providing top quality guest services.

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