Social media is an important tool for competitiveness in today’s business world. However, the typical ‘watch and listen’ approach employed by many organisations often fails to deliver the anticipated benefits. To leverage to true business potential of social media, the multitude of media streams need to be managed and integrated into Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in order to generate actionable leads that will drive the bottom line. This daunting task is now made easy, thanks to the latest release of Nimble, available locally from Green Apple IT.

Nimble 2.0 is a powerful unified social media interaction platform that brings together media streams from multiple platforms and integrates seamlessly into CRM. This allows you to easily monitor messages across different social sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + from a single integrated space. These incoming notifications can then be flagged for follow up and have tasks added to them for internal action. This ensures that customer interactions and leads never become lost in the clutter, empowering small businesses to attract and retain customers by engaging them on their own turf.

“As social networking gains popularity among consumers, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to engage their customers on these platforms because there is great potential to generate new business leads and improve customer retention. However the sheer number of different social sites, along with the different user profiles associated with each one, can make this challenging,” says Dawie Bloomberg, Managing Director of Green Apple IT. “Nimble 2.0 streams new notifications from multiple platforms into one place, so they can be easily read and responded to. It provides a single platform for all contacts, calendars, communications and social conversations.”

“Nimble 2.0 is so much more than a ‘listener’ programme, with an integrated database enabling collaboration on business-related social media across an organisation. Contacts can be added and shared, tasks can be associated to specific media engagements and assigned to team members, sales leads can be flagged for follow up, deals can be added and much more,” he adds.

Nimble is the brainchild of Jon Ferrara, the founder of pioneering CRM tool GoldMine. Since signing a partnership agreement with Nimble in December 2011, Green Apple IT has been working closely with Ferrara and the Nimble team to test the new version of the software in the local market.

Our Solution Partners are immensely important to us and companies such as Green Apple IT are leading the way in their value orientated approach. With the recent launch of Nimble 2.0 we’re excited to see partners like Green Apple IT promoting social business solutions in emerging markets,” says Richard Young, Director of EMEA Nimble.

New features in Nimble 2.0 include improved usability, social discovery, enhanced privacy filters and powerful third party app integrations. Contacts have an all new user interface that effortlessly pulls together all related messages, activities, deals and so on along with a live social stream of each contact. Custom fields and tabs can also be created to tailor interactions with individual customers. Social discovery enables a unified stream of social notifications, along with an intuitive, easy to understand daily email detailing all new engagement opportunities. The new release also includes the ability to choose which messages to share, either by default or on a case-by-case basis, as well as integration with third part apps such as Wufoo, HubSpot and MailChimp!.

“By integrating social media and collaboration into a single platform, small businesses are now able to uniformly manage social media streams, making workload far simpler and adding productivity enhancing functionality. Customer experience can be dramatically improved and sales leads can easily be followed up. Nimble in effect turns social media into a powerful sales tool, helping you to unlock to business potential behind social media interactions,” Bloomberg concludes.

Nimble 2.0 was officially released on 14 February 2012 and is available immediately from Green Apple IT.

*Nimble Personal

Nimble Personal is for single users and free-of-charge, upgrade any time.

Nimble Team

Nimble Team is for groups and is available for a small monthly fee.

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