Nimble 2.0 has arrived and we think you’re going to love it!

Over the past 365 days the Nimble team been listening to your feedback. We heard when you said you wanted to integrate your Facebook Pages with Nimble, we listened when told us you needed the ability to add custom fields to contact records, and we understood when you said you needed more privacy options. All of your great feedback is the reason why Nimble 2.0 now exists!

Nimble 2.0 focuses on three pillars: 

  •  Social Delivery – Each day, it’s hard to know where to start strengthening your relationships.  Nimble makes this easy. Every morning Nimble sends you one email full of new engagement opportunities. You’ll also find one unified stream of all your incoming messages, requests, likes and more in the Notifications section under the Social tab.

  • Improved Usability – At the heart of Nimble is the contact record – the embodiment of the relationship with the customer.  Nimble contacts have an all new and improved user interface which effortlessly pulls together all related messages, activities, deals, and includes the contact’s live social stream.  Nimble has also added custom fields and tabs to support the unique ways our customers

  •  Privacy & Marketing Integrations – Nimble now includes the important ability to choose which messages to share with your team either by default or on a case by case basis. It also allows for powerful third party integrations with apps like Wufoo, HubSpot and MailChimp!

The Nimble team invited a few beta testers to try Nimble 2.0 early and here’s what they are saying:

“What I love about this product is the user interface. It’s very easy to find relevant information when I need it. The integration with contact management, activity management, sales and marketing automation, traditional and social media communication tools, and collaboration features into one web-based solution makes it very convenient for people like me to get a pulse of what’s going on in my network.” Michael Brito, Edelman Digital

“Nimble is by far the most advanced of the cloud-based CRMs out there. I’ve tried SalesForce, Solve360, Zoho and Affinity Live. Nimble is the cleanest CRM that I’ve seen; and automatically pulls down social network profiles of all your contacts. Seamless integration with Google calendars (a first compared to all of the other CRMs listed above). It’s far more reasonably priced than SalesForce, and a far better product for Google Apps users. It’s obvious that it was started by the same minds behind Goldmine; and why Google invested in the company.” –David Schulman, CloudOPX

“Nimble is the bedrock of our engagement toolset which nurtures our client relationships so that we can successfully meet their needs with our programs and services. Thanks Nimble, for putting engagement first in your product.” – Israel Vicars , Aegis

“I use many different systems, some for team management, some for client communication, some for task and productivity. I recently started using Nimble and find that it is among the top 4 windows that need to be open on my desktop at all time. It’s a really intuitive CRM that connects my email, social media and contact and deal information in one easily accessible location. Highly recommended if you’re looking to make your business more efficient and productive.”– Steve Lack Genlack

Visit the Nimble website to view all of the exciting new ways you can use Nimble to engage your community!

Nimble Personal

Nimble Personal is for single users and free-of-charge.


Nimble Team

Nimble Team is for groups and is available for a small monthly fee.

If you have any questions you can leave a comment below, email us at / or call us on 011 234 4711

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