Peplink Keeps Cornell Connected

Ivy League school, Cornell University’s main campus is situated in Ithaca, New York and it has a medical campus in New York City.

To assist staff and students who travel the 225 miles between campuses, Cornell offers an express bus service.

While most of the commuters would prefer to get some work done during the more than four-hour trip; the route is quite rural and cellular connectivity can be spotty at times.


To keep the users online and productive, Cornell officials knew they needed a solution that supports multiple carriers and offers seamless failover.

After researching various options, they easily decided on the Pepwave Mobile MAX 700 multi-cellular router with SpeedFusion™ technology.


  • Deployment: MAX 700 (bus) and a Balance 580 (main campus).
  • SpeedFusion bonds the bandwidth from multiple wireless providers with seamless failover.
  • Winning factors:
    • Provides a reliable, high-bandwidth mobile hotspot, even in rural areas.
    • Eliminates dead zones and provides uninterrupted mobile Internet –  anywhere.
    • Top-level performance with ROI in only two months.


The MAX 700 gets an A+ in Mobile Connectivity!

Fast, dependable, and tough, the Mobile MAX 700 is a complete mobile connectivity solution that keeps everyone productive on the road, even when traveling through rural areas.

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