St. John’s Ambulance Provides Better Care with Balance/MAX


Whether St. John’s Ambulance Service in Australia is en route, on scene, or back at headquarters, 100% uptime and seamless failover is critical to delivering superior patient care.

So too is the ability to quickly transfer medical records and communicate via video conference without lag and drop-outs.


To meet its mission, St. John’s uses the Pepwave MAX 700 Mobile Router and multiple cellular links for high internet speed, unmatched durability and 100% uptime, with significant savings.


  • Deployment: MAX 700 installed on all emergency response vehicles with a Peplink Balance 710 at headquarters to enable SpeedFusionTM
  • Winning factors:
    • Bonds multiple cellular links for smooth and reliable communication
    • Transfers large medical records quickly and easily
    • Video conference calls are of high-quality and lag-free


Accomplish your Mission with Peplink/Pepwave
Whatever the mission, the MAX 700 delivers the speed, reliability, and durability your customers need to make it happen.

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