Peplink Balance multi-WAN routers are enterprise grade solutions covering everything from home users to large corporations. Peplink Balance routers can support up to 13 WAN connections for unparalleled reliability and 24/7 run-time, which is key if losing Internet connectivity costs your company time and money. Managing each link on the network is simplified by Peplink’s easy to use outbound policy management and multiple load balancing algorithms.

Below you’ll find some Peplink Balance key features that will allow you to gain complete control over your network environment…

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Complete VPN Solutions:
Peplink offers industry standard IPsec VPN tunnelling and PPTP VPN server capability for secure access between branch offices. Equipment is cross compatible with VPN technology from popular manufactures like Cisco, Sonicwall, Juniper and more. This means you don’t need to replace all your equipment and Peplink gear can be easily integrated into an existing infrastructure.

Most Important: Higher-end Peplink models also support Site-to-Site VPN bonding technology, which allows you to bond and aggregate bandwidth between multiple links. This technology is exclusive to Peplink/Pepwave equipment and would be required at sites where you wish to bond multiple links. This patented technology allows you to use several cheaper links vs. paying more for a dedicated MPLS line.

High Availability Mode:
In a network environment you can have as many ISP connections as you want, but if something goes wrong with your hardware you’ll soon find yourself waiting for a replacement, creating downtime. High Availability mode allows you to create a 1+1 Backup Mode, which ensures that your network will remain active in the unlikely event of a hardware failure.

This specific feature is often utilised in hospitals, schools, banks, military applications and more where you simply can’t afford to have equipment fail. The setup is very simple and essentially clones a matching Peplink Balance router with the identical settings of your main production machine. This feature is found on the Peplink Balance 210, 310, 380, 580, 710 and 1350.

Firewall Features:
Within the Peplink Balance routers you’ll find a firewall capable of allowing or denying specific protocols by single addresses, or across the entire network with full event logging. You’ll also find intrusion detection and DoS prevention for protection from denial of service attacks on your web server.

What if you already have a firewall in place? Higher end Peplink models, starting with the Balance 210, feature Drop-in mode, which allows you to quickly deploy equipment without altering your existing firewall. After enabling drop-in mode place the Peplink Balance router behind your firewall and you can integrate the equipment seamlessly!

Advanced QoS Control:
With advanced QoS controls you can easily configure specific applications or protocols to have priority bandwidth. For example, you could give your VoIP and Web high priority while keeping streaming applications at a normal or lower priority. You can also define management, staff and guest users to manage bandwidth as a general group, or create individual bandwidth limits.

QoS settings are also adjustable based on specific ISP’s so you can keep the same rules across all connections, or favour specific ISP’s for different applications. For example, a lower latency connection may be given higher priority for real-time applications where a higher latency connection with more bandwidth is favoured for video streaming.

Full bandwidth monitoring and alerts:
With more and more ISP’s moving toward tiered based pricing, bandwidth is becoming a hot commodity. Peplink Balance routers allow you to easily setup alerts or completely disable a connection after hitting a set amount of bandwidth. The QoS and Load Balance algorithms mentioned earlier allow you to use the expensive links for specific tasks, and the bandwidth monitoring ensures you don’t get hit with a large data bill.

Data can be tracked in monthly, daily, hourly and in real-time to get an overview of where your traffic is generated. This can be useful if you notice a spike in data usage from a specific IP address. This could identify an employee wasting company time by streaming video, or identify potential malware on a computer.

WLAN Control & Access Points: 

The Peplink Balance 380 and above features a built-in WLAN controller, which allows you to easily manage all your Pepwave AP One’s. You can control up to 500 Pepwave access points with an enterprise license to control every employee’s wireless experience. Pepwave access points can throw out some serious Wi-Fi range when the Powerboost is enabled! This translates into a wireless range about eight times greater than a typical access point.

Below you’ll find a video highlighting key features like multiple SSID support, captive portal and individual bandwidth limits:


Peplink and Pepwave products are an enterprise grade solution designed for 24/7 use in your business environment. These products are ideal for business, retail, hospitality, education, finance, transportation and more! It doesn’t matter if your office consists of 15 users on a Balance 30, or 200 users on a Balance 580; Peplink/Pepwave equipment can handle the job.

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