Peplink’s VPN is a complete, seamless system that tightly integrates your offices and users together, secure and available at all times. Peplink routers come with features like SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding VPN, a built-in PPTP VPN Server, and IPsec VPN feature, lets you connect to multiple locations and enable remote access, without additional devices.

With a Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Router you can enjoy a complete VPN solution that provides you the best VPN experience ever.

VPN that meets all your needs.

Reliable Bandwidth Bonding Site-to-Site VPN for Multiple Locations
Peplink’s innovative SpeedFusion technology creates a bonded VPN tunnel over multiple connections. When one Internet connection fails, the VPN failover feature will dynamically route traffic to active connections to maintain uninterrupted VPN service. Session failover takes place seamlessly within just a second.Learn More ยป
Bond Your Bandwidth to Enhance
VPN Performance

With the SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding feature, sending a gigabyte file to your neighbor site is no longer a hassle. Peplink SpeedFusion technology aggregates bandwidth from all connections and transfers data using one bonded pipe. Communication between your remote sites has never been faster.

PPTP VPN Server for Windows and Mac
Even when you are away from the office, you can now connect to the corporate network simply by using the PPTP client found in Windows and Mac OS X. Whether you have forgotten a file at the office or want to upload the latest document update, accessing the office network only takes a few clicks.
256-bit AES VPN Traffic Encryption
Using Peplink SpeedFusion, all of your data going through the VPN tunnel is encrypted with 256-bit AES. Multiple branches can be easily connected with military-grade protection.
IPsec VPN for Legacy Site-to-Site VPN Network
Peplink also support IPsec connection with Cisco or Juniper devices. You can upgrade your VPN network at your own schedule. Turbocharge new sites with SpeedFusion while connect to legacy site with IPsec with the same device.
Better VPN with less effort.
Save Money with a Single-Device
Complete Solution
Separate devices are not needed for extra VPN capacity. Peplink Balance comes with everything you need – SpeedFusion or IPsec to easily connect multiple sites and the PPTP-VPN Server to enable remote access. Save money and enjoy all the advantages of a complete VPN with Peplink.
Easy to Use VPN Technology
Peplink Balance is designed for you and is extremely easy to set up. You don’t need to be a professional to configure the Peplink VPN settings. Just enter a few parameters and a VPN tunnel will be established.


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