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About Peplink

Peplink is the leader in Internet load balancing and VPN bonding solutions. Peplink Balance Multi-WAN Routers have been deployed around the world, helping thousands of customers from varied industries to increase bandwidth, enhance Internet reliability, and reduce costs. Our complete product line includes models for business of all sizes, and provides an award winning Internet experience for customers.

Peplink believes that quality, innovative products, and passionate customer service can help everyone experience a better Internet. That’s why customers around the world depend on Peplink.

Peplink operates globally with offices in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Our solutions are sold and supported by distributors, system integrators, and strategic partners worldwide


About Green Apple IT

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) make up a large proportion of the South African market, and yet when it comes to IT these businesses often do not get the service they require. Green Apple IT is here to change that. By offering the high levels of IT service that big businesses expect and at a price to suit the pockets of smaller businesses, delivering solutions that fit the needs of these businesses and can help them to grow and prosper, cost effectively.

“We believe that no business is ever too small to have a proper, efficient IT setup, but SMEs often do not have much of an IT budget and need to reserve their resources for their core business. At Green Apple IT we focus on delivering the right solutions to meet our customers’ needs and budgets. And the key word is ‘solutions’. We do not simply sell products, but work with SMEs to develop a tailored offering that makes business sense because it will actually help them to solve a problem and as a result will help them to do business better,” says Dawie Bloomberg,  Managing Director of Green Apple IT.

Some Happy Global customers

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