Many SMEs struggle to keep track of the equipment, software, licenses and warranties currently active throughout their business. This makes it difficult to manage effectively, and also makes budgeting difficult. If you don’t know what you have, you might be paying for duplicate solutions or ones you don’t need or use.  It’s also really difficult to keep track of passwords without a proper system in place.


The solution: asset management and software tracking for a complete IT inventory, including model, serial number, warranty, installed software and license keys. Full network documentation to keep track of what systems sit where and why, and a database of passwords and detailed notes. Network audits and fiscal budget assistance to help with annual planning and budget calculations.


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5 Technology Pains you want to get rid of, NOW!!

Pain Point #1 things keep breaking

Pain Point #2 tech support takes too long to fix the problem

Pain Point #3 software updates are too much admin

Pain Point #4 we have no idea what we have, what we need, or how much we can afford

Pain Point #5 we’re worried about cybersecurity, but don’t know how to deal with it

Proactive Value Delivery

Here is your total solution

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