Civil Aviation Authority Keeps the Skies Safe with Balance and MAX

Israel’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) safeguards air carriers, implements civil aviation policy, and promotes aviation safety.

To efficiently monitor CAA activities and ensure rapid response, Israel’s Ministry of Transport (MoT) Chief Investigator must be able to keep an eye on CAA operations at all times.

This means having a reliable and secure network that can connect several teams with each other and with headquarters, being able to transfer HD video and audio, and provide web-based accessibility from any location.

With a Peplink Balance 580 at headquarters and multiple Pepwave MAX 700’s in the field; all powered by SpeedFusion technology, Israel’s CAA and MoT are able to work hand-in-hand to react quickly and seamlessly to problems and keep the skies safe for air passengers and crews.

  • Deployment:
    • Deployed a Peplink Balance 580 at headquarters and Pepwave MAX 700’s at all field locations
    • Bonded 4 cellular links using SpeedFusion technology
    • Enabled seamless and secure connectivity at high speeds
  • Winning Factors:
    • Continuous remote site visibility powered by SpeedFusion
    • Military-grade security for all network data over public networks
    • Top level performance and ROI

Balance and MAX multi-WAN routers deliver mission-critical speed, reliability, and security.

Learn more about SpeedFusion from Peplink.


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