The Pepwave MAX speeds along smoothly with Toyota Racing

Pepwave’s Mobile MAX 700 recently hit the track with the Toyota Racing team.

To connect with racetrack employees, Toyota needed a solution that could withstand harsh environments while offering consistently fast and reliable performance.

Before Peplink, Toyota Racing relied on a satellite Internet connection, which was weather-dependent, sluggish and unreliable.

Toyota decided to give the Mobile MAX 700 a try.

Featuring SpeedFusion, the MAX solution now drives record-setting performance, dependability and durability for Toyota Racing.

  • Deployment:
    • Pepwave MAX 700 on the racetrack and a Peplink Balance 380 at the datacentre
    • Bonded multiple 3G/4G (country dependent) connections  for higher bandwidth and seamless failover using SpeedFusion
  • Winning factors:
    • SpeedFusion delivers more bandwidth and a secure VPN connection
    • Seamless failover ensures high reliability

Fast, dependable, and tough, the Pepwave Mobile MAX 700 is a complete mobile connectivity solution that keeps the Toyota Racing team productive — wherever the team races across the globe.

 Learn more about the Pepwave Mobile MAX models at

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