Peplink networking products combine best-in-class performance and 24/7/365 reliability to give you the edge you need in today’s challenging financial markets. From lightning fast market updates and trades to secure data transfers and teleconferencing, high finance moves at high speed and with unmatched dependability when it’s powered by Peplink routers.

Wide-Band Data Delivery.

Better Informed Trades. Peplink’s Multi-WAN SpeedFusion technology combines the speed of up to 13 cable/DSL/cellular/satellite links to give you lag-free market data feeds, multiple streaming video broadcasts, live video conferencing, and blazing trades and confirmations – all at the same time.

Time Is Money.

Make Every Second Count with Peplink.  A single second can mean the difference between success and failure in the financial markets. Peplink helps you capitalize on even the fastest breaking market developments with up to 1500 Mbps throughput and multiple load-balancing algorithms.


The Sun Never Sets on the Market.

Get Networking that Never Goes Down.  Somewhere in the world, the market is always open. No matter where or when you trade, our automatic link health checks, multi-link redundancy, intelligent failover, and stringent build quality guidelines deliver 100% uptime, so you’ll never miss a beat.

Your Office Has No Walls. Now, Your Networking Has No Limits.

When financial operations span continents and traders, fund managers, and others are increasingly mobile, you need networking that keeps you connected wherever you are. With technologies like 256-bit AES encrypted VPNs, RADIUS authentication, GPS tracking, and the MAX Mobile Router, you’re always in touch with the market and your colleagues, using your desktop or almost any mobile device.

Learn More About Peplink Solutions for Financial Industries

Stay ahead of market changes and seize every opportunity with fast and reliable Peplink routers, access points, and other networking products.

To learn more, please contact a friendly and knowledgeable Green Apple IT representative today.


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