Reliable Internet Connectivity for Hosting Servers.

Many companies choose to host their web, email, and application servers in-house, potentially creating many connectivity challenges. Network connection may go down, and the bandwidth may not be able to catch up to growing demands. Insufficient bandwidth reduces server availability under peak loads, resulting in customer support calls from frustrated users. Some companies choose to have their servers co-located in a datacenter. While most datacenters offer scaleable bandwidth, it often comes at a premium price and is still delivered through one WAN connection, representing a single point of failure that can take all servers offline.

 With models that provide as many as thirteen WAN ports and 1.5 gigabits per second throughput, the Peplink Balance allows companies to easily add bandwidth as business expands. Sufficient bandwidth sourced from multiple ISP’s will increase capacity and reliability to provide a better web experience and result in happy customers.

Better Web Experience.

When used with multiple Internet service providers, the Peplink Balance utilizes its built-in authoritative DNS server to manage Inbound Load Balancing.  The Peplink Balance distributes traffic over your available Internet services, easing the bandwidth bottleneck. Customers experience faster response times, which drives sales and confidence in your company’s services.

Flexible Bandwidth Options at Reduced Cost.

 The Peplink Balance gives you the flexibility to accommodate any in-house or co-located servers while keeping bandwidth costs under control. By utilizing multiple Internet connections you can add or remove Internet bandwidth at any given time according to your needs. This allows you to cut your expensive leased lines and maintain the same level of network performance.


Datacenter Grade Reliability.


 More ISPs mean more reliability. All Internet services automatically back each other up, achieving 100% Internet uptime. When any service becomes unavailable, the Peplink Balance delegates web requests through a healthy link to prevent service interruptions.

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