Professional Router for Digital Telemetry.

Industrial factories, infrastructures, and pipelines are now equipped with digital controllers that have built-in networking capacity. Collecting data and performing maintenance from these sites can be done remotely with Internet or other private networks.






Reliability in Every Way.

With years of success and creditability, Peplink Balance provides highly reliable operations at every second. Our multi-WAN capacity allows you to deploy redundant connections to ensure network continuity. Applications such as sensor data logging, remote diagnostics, and controller automation, can be done with absolute confidence.


Highly Flexible Routing.

Peplink gives you granular control and flexibility in routing network traffic. Using Peplink’s Traffic Manager you can easily specify a WAN link for transmitting data to the RTU while dedicating another WAN link for PLC processes, all within an easy to use drag and drop interface. Optimizing overall network flow will become headache-free.


4G/3G Support for Remote Deployment.

Peplink Balance supports 4G/3G wireless Internet access for remote deployment – even where Internet service is not available. With Peplink deployed you can conveniently gain access to equipment through technologies such as AMR or SCADA, giving you control over different aspects of each unit without having to be present at each site.


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