Quality Network Comes at a High Cost.

Leased line Internet services, private network such as IPVPN, MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) network technology, are popular options for building corporate network. These services provide business owners with stable bandwidth, 99.5% reliability, and quick recovery times.

The only real challenge is the cost: with leased line Internet service costing over $300 per megabit of bandwidth per month and MPLS service costing over $1000 mb/month, leased line service is 15 to 100 times the price of business class DSL or cable modem Internet service!

Save Money Now.

The Peplink Balance Multi-WAN routers can provide significant monthly savings by allowing business owners to replace leased line service with multiple business-class DSL or cable Internet services. Replacing leased line Internet service can cut bandwidth costs in half, and replacing expensive MPLS service with our SpeedFusion Site-to-Site VPN Bonding would save tens of thousands of dollars per year.


Changing from MPLS to SpeedFusion  VPN Bonding can improve coporate network’s bandwidth and reliability at a fraction of the original cost.

Corporate Networking for Less Money.

In addition to tremendous savings, business owners will enjoy more total bandwidth and simple bandwidth scalability – just add up to 13 commodity Internet services as your demand increases. Patent-pending Site-to-Site VPN Bonding provides fast and secure service between offices, and our automatic failover provides 100% network uptime for maximum reliability.


Lower costs. 100% Uptime. More Bandwidth.

The Peplink Balance allows for substantial savings on recurring network costs while providing more bandwidth and 100% uptime.

Contact us for your tailor made solution and start saving today.


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