If you still had any doubts about the quality and stability of the Peplink Balance range of devices, let me take this opportunity to put your mind at ease.


We’ve got a new record holder in the Peplink Reliability Challenge!

A financial institution’s Peplink Balance 580 device has to date, served the busy office for 643 consecutive days with zero downtime.

That’s nearly two years of uninterrupted, rock-solid networking — and a record that will be tough to beat!  

Take the Challenge Got some impressive uptime numbers or WAN traffic volume reports of your own?

Congratulations to our new Reliability Challenge record holder and thanks for sharing your uptime numbers!

We love hearing how Peplink networking gear just works, day after day, year after year.

To learn more, please visit www.greenappleit.co.za/peplink-relialibility/  or check out www.greenappleit.co.za/peplink , alternatively contact us.

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