Peplink Transportation Networking. Welcome to the Fast Lane.

Peplink transportation networking technologies deliver reliable, fast, and flexible mobile networking that keeps your business running in high gear, wherever opportunity takes you. ERP, file transfer, fleet tracking and surveillance, and content in HD quality — with Peplink, all your digital traffic gets where it’s going quickly, without detours, delays, or downtime.

Here are a few of the ways that Peplink transportation networking can put your business in the fast lane:

Swift and Reliable Networking for the Entire Fleet.

 Staying in touch with your fleet and keeping up-to-date on changes, challenges, and opportunities is key to working well on the go. From resource planning across the enterprise to real-time vehicle tracking with pinpoint precision, Peplink makes it easy and affordable to manage high-level strategies, minute-to-minute details, and all points between.

 For many in the transportation industry, mobile networking is an exercise in compromise and frustration. Flexible, scalable networks with the options and speed you need to stay ahead of your competition quickly become too complex, expensive, and failure-prone to be practical. But with Peplink, there’s no need to sacrifice functionality for reliability and cost-effectiveness or compromise on a solution that has as many drawbacks as advantages.

•All Peplink networking products are designed to work seamlessly together, with plug-and-play scalability that allows even non-specialists to build out and grow transportation networks easily and quickly.

•To keep expenses down while providing enterprise-grade speed and reliability, Peplink networking gear can be set to automatically combine and switch to the lowest cost links available at any given time, including commodity cable/DSL, 3G/4G, satellite, and more.

•Pepwave MAX are engineered from the ground up for the needs of mobile industries, featuring space-saving designs, rugged enclosures, and mounting hardware that allows them to be placed almost anywhere.

HD Video Delivery and On-The-Go Monitoring.

 Whether you’re looking for something extra to differentiate your transportation service, new ways to promote your business, or greater security and peace-of-mind for passengers and employees, Peplink mobile networking products are ideal travel companions.

Keep your customers coming back with HD entertainment and news on the go. Build your brand and expose patrons to new services and partner offers with targeted mobile advertising. And make sure the ride is safe and comfortable for everyone with real-time audio/video monitoring. Peplink gives your customers more than a way from Point A to Point B: with our mobile networking equipment, your customers get a travel experience that leaves them wanting more and keeps them talking about your service long after the trip is completed.

•Peplink Bandwidth Bonding technology teams up multiple, affordable Internet links to push crystal-clear, stutter-free HD video to your customers. You get bandwidth to spare, 100% uptime, and the flexibility to choose the links that best suit your needs and budget. And all your customers feel like they’re riding first class.

•As Web-connected mobile devices multiply, customers are drawn to transportation services that allow them to use their devices on the move without eating into their data plans. The MAX, AP One, Balance, and other Peplink networking products provide fast Internet access that stays fast for everyone onboard, thanks to Bandwidth Bonding, easy-to-manage bandwidth usage restrictions, and built-in failover, which switches poor links for healthy connections automatically.

•No transportation service gets very far without a reputation for both safe transport and dependable protection for passenger well being and possessions. Security and vehicle tracking systems powered by Peplink bring peace-of-mind to passengers and employees with rock-solid reliability, road-tested hardware, and secure, private feeds through your own VPN.

Learn More About Peplink Solutions for Transportation Industries.

Steer your transportation networking into the fast lane with Peplink mobile communications technology.

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