Better brand visibility. Introducing a little corner of the Web to call your own.

Easily give your customers high-speed, high-quality Wi-Fi access and promote your brand with Peplink’s new captive portal/Wi-Fi hotspot feature, available now as a low-cost upgrade on the Peplink Balance 380 Multi-WAN router and above.

Peplink’s captive portal feature allows you to provide customers and employees a company-branded, commercial-grade Wi-Fi hotspot — simply, without the administrative hassles, weak signals, poor security, and other problems that come along with consumer-level wireless equipment.

Make a splash with customers. Without getting in over your head.

Peplink Wi-Fi hotspots with captive portals are reliable, fast, and simple to manage. They’re easy to customize with your own splash screen and terms and conditions page. And all you need to get started is a Peplink Balance 380 or above with WLAN control enabled and at least one Pepwave AP One Wi-Fi access point.*

With Peplink’s new wireless hotspot solution, you don’t need expensive technical assistance to set up your system. Just plug in your devices, specify a few simple settings, and you’re ready to go. Your customers and employees get a great-looking, high-speed portal to the Web, and your brand stays front and center.

Peplink WLAN Controller has built-in Captive Portal and User Login Database, allowing you to control Wi-Fi service access


Plug and play. Not plug and pray.

Peplink Wi-Fi hotspots with customized captive portals are as easy to manage as they are to set up. Monitor device performance and guest usage from a single screen. Create multiple wireless networks for secure internal and customer use in only minutes. Modify splash screens and other branding options with a few clicks of the mouse. What used to require programming, juggling lots of complex devices, and professional tech support becomes plug-and-play with Peplink.


Your signal says a lot about you. What’s your hotspot saying?

Attract customers and encourage them to stick around with a wireless signal that’s strong and clear and fast — no matter where your customers are located on your premises. Thanks to the extended wireless range provided by Pepwave AP One access points, your customers get more signal — and more satisfaction — with fewer pieces of equipment. You look great while spending less on wireless infrastructure.

*License required to operate three or more Pepwave AP One access points. Please contact Green Apple IT for details and pricing.


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