1st of May 2011

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) make up a large proportion of the South African market, and yet when it comes to IT these businesses often do not get the service they require. Green Apple IT is here to change that. By offering the high levels of IT service that big businesses expect and at a price to suit the pockets of smaller businesses, delivering solutions that fit the needs of these businesses and can help them to grow and prosper, cost effectively.

“We believe that no business is ever too small to have a proper, efficient IT setup, but SMEs often do not have much of an IT budget and need to reserve their resources for their core business. At Green Apple IT we focus on delivering the right solutions to meet our customers’ needs and budgets. And the key word is ‘solutions’. We do not simply sell products, but work with SMEs to develop a tailored offering that makes business sense because it will actually help them to solve a problem and as a result will help them to do business better,” says Dawie Bloomberg, Managing Director of Green Apple IT.

One of the key challenges SMEs face when it comes to IT services is that the providers do not understand their clients’ business and as a result do not have their best interests at heart. IT providers for the SME market are often heavily sales focused and do not take the time to build relationships with their clients like providers for larger enterprises do. This leads to a lack of trust on the part of the SME, as many of these businesses have had their fingers burnt by providers in the past.

“This is the challenge that Green Apple IT aims to address,” says Bloomberg. “We are taking IT back to good old fashioned business practice, focusing on building strong and lasting relationships with our clients and helping them to grow and develop. We are not just about making a quick buck, but about an ethical way of doing business that take our customers’ best interests to heart to offer them solution to fit their needs and develop a long lasting relationship. And as the ‘green’ in our name suggests we are also committed towards helping the environment and helping SMEs to implement eco-friendly solutions for their business.”

Green Apple IT offers complete infrastructure support to meet the needs of SMEs, from desktop support right through to network support, connectivity, applications and solutions on the desktop, office automation, audio visual and VoIP to name but a few, to help these businesses operate better. The company focuses on educating their market on the solutions that are available as alternatives to spending large sums on big brand software, helping SMEs to work more efficiently and improve their competitive edge.

“We offer SMEs the services that big businesses take for granted, streamlining the technology they have in place (or not) with a view towards helping them achieve their business goals. We examine the cost of ownership of their existing technology (if any) and then weigh this up against the cost of implementing new solutions so that we can prove the value of our services. And because of our relationships with distributors we get better pricing deals, so we can pass these savings directly onto our customers,” Bloomberg adds.

The team at Green Apple IT has years of experience in IT at a corporate level as well as highly qualified people, and these best practices learned at a large enterprise level are now available to the SME market, along with comprehensive support and a range of value added services.

“There is a misconception in the SME market that IT solutions are always expensive and require a lot of new equipment to be effective, mainly as a result of prior experience with unscrupulous IT providers. Our challenge is to help small and medium sized businesses overcome this idea and help them to understand how a cost effective IT solution can benefit their business,” says Bloomberg.

“We aim to bring SMEs IT resources in line with their future vision for the business by doing things the right way, first time around,” he concludes.

Green Apple IT
Dawie Bloomberg
Managing Director
e:  dawie@greenappleit.co.za
w:  www.greenappleit.co.za

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