The Apple Tree” – Comprehensive Support

• 2 Visits per week
• 1-2 Hours per visit
• Unlimited Remote Support
• 4 hour response time on Business critical systems (Server & Email)


A Bag of Apples” – Time Block Support

• 8 Hours support per month
• 6 On-site visits per month
• 1 Visit per week, Minimum 1 Hour on-site (from 8 hours)
• 4 hour response time on Business critical systems (Server & Email)


An Apple a Day” – Remote Support Only

• Weekly Server checks (Remotely)
• 4 Hours Remote user/desktop support


One Apple will do” – Server only Weekly Checks

• Weekly Server checks (Remotely)


Apple Slices” – AdHoc Small Business Support

• Call out (Travel)
• On-site Support per hour
• Remote Support per hour
• After hour support


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