A lot of companies, especially the small to medium enterprises, outsource their IT support. There is nothing wrong with that, but there is sometimes a little confusion about what IT support services actually can and cannot do.

What IT support services do


Computers and servers are pieces of hardware. The programs that run on them are called software. IT support services are there to fix or replace hardware when things get broken or just get old and to fix and install software which is generally available in computer equipment stores like Incredible Connection. so, if your computer is crashing for some reason or if your Microsoft Outlook just keeps getting stuck, then you need to call in your IT support services. If you need to have a new network system installed, then you call your IT support services.


What IT support services do not do


It is important to remember that IT support services are for support, not development. If your company runs on custom built software and it goes wrong, you need to contact the company that designed and installed the software for you. If you have some custom designed hardware, then you need the company that created that for you to come and fix it. IT support services are generally not equipped to deal with these kinds of problems as they require specialised knowledge. The same can be said if you need software to do something special. You will need to contact a software development company, not your IT support services.


In general, any of the day to day, run of the mill IT problems you encounter will be the domain of your IT support services. Everything from crashed computers to freezing software or software that is not doing what it is meant to do are good tasks for the IT support. If there is any custom that you need built or designed, it would be a better idea to find a company that specialises in that kind of work and hire them. They will have the specialised knowledge to deal with the problems and get the system doing what you need it to do.

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