Pepwave MAX mobile router

Designed for the ultimate in mobile connectivity, the Pepwave family of MAX mobile routers allow for as many as seven different WAN sources to be harnessed together as one Internet connection. Internet sources may come from embedded LTE or 3G modems, as well as the use of multiple mobile dongles plugged into its USB ports. And depending on the specific model, tapping on 802.11n wireless from a local Wi-Fi hotspot is also supported.

When deployed with multiple 3G or 4G channels, the MAX mobile router can bond them together for greater bandwidth. Pepwave touts the MAX mobile router as ideal for the field broadcast of high-bandwidth mobile video transmission or for providing Internet access on transports such as trains and buses. Other usage includes serving as an MPLS replacement for use with real-time POS systems and deploying in mission-critical M2M environments.

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