Many SMME and SME companies do not have an official IT department in place and this function is normally run by non-IT staff. If this function is outsourced is primarily serviced by a junior ‘clicker’ or a IT Service Provider that is over charging and under delivering for IT Services without allowing the SME to understand what exactly has been done. Traditionally speaking, a closed book approach is often used making the SME dependent on their outsourced IT support. These IT providers get away with this as the SME is often too busy trying to run their business.

Green Apple IT (GAIT) provide our clients this service with a reporting function allowing our clients to be educated at the same time. With no additional cost to company, we believe that by educating an internal resource reduces the smallish IT niggles e.g. basic desktop / user error, printer set up etc which would normally be deducted from the standard industry hourly support fee.

At GAIT we manage the IT requirements of your company with regards to design, supply, implementation, advice and services which redefines and increases productivity across all business functions

Our success factors come from a few KEY strengths;
• High levels of professionalism and established internal support infrastructure
• Years of experience in the IT industry
• Direct access to all the leading manufacturers
• Best practice procedures & compliance

IT benefits;
• Prompt telephonic response and remote support
• Daily support available with immediate business critical support service in place
• High level technical solution relating to desktop operating systems, desktop applications, server’s, network operating systems

Network Design;
• Documentation of design and implementation plans
• Recommendations for deployment, design and / or quality of present and or future projects
• Detailed recommendations on hardware and technology roadmaps for future growth
• Post installation assessments and audits

Technology deployments are run as tightly scheduled projects with;
• Set deadlines
• Measurable goals
• Ongoing monitoring
• Audits

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