You may have recently launched a website or are about to launch a site that’s currently under development and not yet given any thought to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Although it is ideal to implement SEO during your website’s development phase, you can employ an effective SEO strategy after your website has been developed, although you will face some unique challenges. Many SME companies may not realize they need to budget for SEO (new age way of marketing) for different reasons including the fact that they’ve never heard of SEO until after their website has been completed. Green Apple IT Web development builds SEO into the foundation of your website within the overall development package OR as an add-on to your website.

It is never too late to optimise your website in order to generate enquiries and sales. Why wait, your competitors are doing it. Contact Green Apple IT for further information.

We provide favourable payment plans that allow the SME to have the best of breed website, SEO and Social Media marketing strategy. The corporate world is changing so best get it right now to avoid your competitors stealing a march on your business. Small fact, at least 10% of your budget simply has to be spent on marketing your business products & services. Gone are the days of hard copy mass print marketing. Get online with Green Apple IT Mkt Services and we will guide you and support your business every step of the way.

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